Abandoned Garden Shed

To my surprise, and if I remember right, a reader of my blog told me once that garden areas are not common in his country. So, when I talk about garden areas in Germany, they are very common here and I don’t talk about gardens in front of any houses. What I am talking about are large areas where you find several hundred plots that citizens can rent. The thing is, some people live in apartment complex, others live in an apartment tower, which means they don’t have a garden in front of their home. And that is where the … Continue reading Abandoned Garden Shed

Frog In The Garden

Last time I visited my mother and her husband in the garden, I noticed a frog in their pond. There is a protection net over the pond so that predator birds can’t grab fishes out of it, which means I had to shoot photos through the net. But that is possible as I learned in a similar situation back then in 2016. I find it cool that you can shoot photos through close meshed things like fences, protection nets or any kind of grids. By the way, I didn’t take a lot of frog photos nor did I upload a … Continue reading Frog In The Garden

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

A little bit late, but here comes my entry to the WordPress Photo Challenge of this week. I’ve been busy with other things but yesterday I tried to look for a photo in my library that would fit to the H2O theme, and to be honest because the decision was difficult as I have so many photos that would fit. I decided to show you one that I shot in the garden, you might think I took a photo of the rain, but I just asked my mother to simulate rain with the water hose. It’s one of the photos … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

Our Garden Chicken

As I mentioned often, my mother and her husband have chickens in the garden and they are quite funny and good suppliers of bio eggs. I thought I upload a photo again of one of the chickens. I have way too many photos of them, and I really need to upload them over time too. Believe it or not, I think chickens are cute too, I like them so much because they follow me everywhere when I visit the garden. They are very trusting and social. Continue reading Our Garden Chicken

Wandering In October

It’s October but it was still sunny this week, today the weather was fine too and I used the Sunday to get out of the apartment. Today I didn’t have a goal, I just marched through the city and through some parks outside of the city. I shot some usual subjects like bird photos near the river, some architecture photos in the city and so on. On my way, I found a botanic garden that I didn’t know, it was actually hidden near a path at the riverside, of course I had to take a look. The garden is public … Continue reading Wandering In October