Frog In The Garden

Last time I visited my mother and her husband in the garden, I noticed a frog in their pond. There is a protection net over the pond so that predator birds can’t grab fishes out of it, which means I had to shoot photos through the net. But that is possible as I learned in a similar situation back then in 2016. I find it cool that you can shoot photos through close meshed things like fences, protection nets or any kind of grids. By the way, I didn’t take a lot of frog photos nor did I upload a lot of them. Last and only frog related post was this one in 2013 I think. I am glad that I could now add a second frog picture to the blog, maybe I can expand the frog category in the future.

6 thoughts on “Frog In The Garden

    1. Thank you Renard. You are right, the only difficulty was the fish protection net over the pond, but as said, it works to shoot through it. I hope I will see more frogs, I like to take photos of them too.

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