Common Moorhen Got A Fish

I saw this bird swimming in the pond and I think it is a common moorhen. And it seems it got a fish, probably a common minnow or a gudgeon (gobio gobio). It’s funny because I actually didn’t notice the fish in the beak when I shot the photo, I noticed it at home. I had to crop the image a lot because the bird was too far away. It was also shot at a time when I still did mostly take JPG photos. But I think it’s still a nice snapshot. You can find more bird photos on my … Continue reading Common Moorhen Got A Fish

Frog In The Garden

Last time I visited my mother and her husband in the garden, I noticed a frog in their pond. There is a protection net over the pond so that predator birds can’t grab fishes out of it, which means I had to shoot photos through the net. But that is possible as I learned in a similar situation back then in 2016. I find it cool that you can shoot photos through close meshed things like fences, protection nets or any kind of grids. By the way, I didn’t take a lot of frog photos nor did I upload a … Continue reading Frog In The Garden

Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is about landscapes. I was outside yesterday and shot the photo you can see in this post. It’s a pond called Herrenteich in Reinfeld. It’s a great place to hike, I liked the place during the winter, but now that the season is changing, I like it even more. I find a lot of birds there, there are many fields and smaller forests and beautiful trails near the pond, it’s a calming place. Since I am here, only really bad weather could hinder me to go out. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

Billy And The Garden Again

As I mentioned weeks ago, my mother and her husband have a garden now that they rent in our town. It´s still a lot to do like removing the weeds for example. Today they were again in the garden and I just live 15 or 20 minutes away when I walk. They called me if I want to come in the garden and I said yes because I wanted to go jogging anyway and then I would have a destination. Yes, by the way, I do go run again. I did that last year but at some point I gave … Continue reading Billy And The Garden Again