Billy And The Garden Again

As I mentioned weeks ago, my mother and her husband have a garden now that they rent in our town. It´s still a lot to do like removing the weeds for example. Today they were again in the garden and I just live 15 or 20 minutes away when I walk. They called me if I want to come in the garden and I said yes because I wanted to go jogging anyway and then I would have a destination. Yes, by the way, I do go run again. I did that last year but at some point I gave up in winter or so but it´s time again as I got a little pot belly, while I am generally rather a thin person, so that the pot belly even if it´s a small one, does not fit to my body. But that just as a side story why I run now.

Back to the topic. I ran to the garden and met my mother and her husband there who already worked hard to pull up weeds. It was a very warm day and I was melting because of my sprint but they didn´t look different because of the garden work. I saw the garden already for a short time but today I had more time to take a look and I shot some new photos for my blog, that I will upload as always over time in single articles or in small batches.

But let me start with some garden images now anyway. Here you can see the dog of my mother and her husband. Billy seems to enjoy the garden too. Here he looks into the pond because he noticed the fishes…

Billy looks into the pond because there are fishes

Here you can see him near the pond too but this is not the only place he checks out…

Billy In The Garden

Here you can see the beautiful pond of the garden…

The beautiful pond

And here are some photos of the fishes of the pond but it was not easy to take photos of them because of the bird protective net…

There are different kind of flowers near the pond but not only there…

If you go this way, you will go in the direction of the neighbor’s garden that is now empty because it burned there before my mother and her husband got this garden…

Way behind our garden house and near the pond

But on the left side of the way you will find our small greenhouse that has busted windows because of the neighbor´s fire but the husband of my mother will fix the windows soon so that they can plant stuff there…

Greenhouse with bursted door and front windows

All the photos do not show the full garden but with this article and the other article together, you can get already a nice impression. I really like their garden but as said, they need to work on some things to get it right. But it´s a quite big garden and very beautiful. It will be even more beautiful if they work in the garden. I offered already my help because I can combine some things… jogging to the garden, bathe in the sun and taking new photos of plants.

4 thoughts on “Billy And The Garden Again

    1. Yes I already like it too 🙂 But I know they will improve a lot of things there, as I know them 🙂 Thanks for the compliment about the fish photos. They are maybe not too bad.

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