Rest In Peace Billy

Bad news, Billy the dog of my mother and her husband died today. He became 16 years old, almost 17 years old, he reached a proud age. He got more and more health problems over the last two years. Over the last weeks he looked very tired, and today I got a phone call and my mother said that they would bring him to the vet now, as he was not able to walk on his own legs anymore since today. Later I got another phone call, my mother told me that he had serious problems to breathe in the … Continue reading Rest In Peace Billy

Thirsty Billy

We went to the garden last week and I shot quite a lot of images, but I mentioned this already. Above you can see one photo of this day, it’s Billy the dog of my mother. I still have plenty of photos, but I sorted already tons of them out as not all were good but some are really cool. I especially like it that I can now freeze the moments to the point that you can even see the tongue of animals when they eat or drink, because this was more about luck with my previous gear. Continue reading Thirsty Billy

Snapshots of Billy in the Car

We were in the garden again yesterday to enjoy the afternoon outdoors. The garden is just five minutes away from the home of my mother and her husband, so that it is not too much stress for their dog in the car. I was on the back seat and paid attention to him. At times I had to laugh because he seemed to enjoy to watch out of the windows and it was funny. I took these snapshots when we were in the car. The image quality is bad which is why I call them snapshots. But I still like … Continue reading Snapshots of Billy in the Car

Billy And The Garden Again

As I mentioned weeks ago, my mother and her husband have a garden now that they rent in our town. It´s still a lot to do like removing the weeds for example. Today they were again in the garden and I just live 15 or 20 minutes away when I walk. They called me if I want to come in the garden and I said yes because I wanted to go jogging anyway and then I would have a destination. Yes, by the way, I do go run again. I did that last year but at some point I gave … Continue reading Billy And The Garden Again