Random Garden And Dog Snapshots

Here are some more photos from the garden that I mentioned here and here. And there are also some photos of the dog Billy. My mother took all the photos with her smartphone and did send them to me via WhatsApp. This garden is really great for their dog.

6 thoughts on “Random Garden And Dog Snapshots

    1. Yes he is pretty funny. Know him since round about or over 10 years now. Sadly he is already feeble and must visit the vet at times. Hope they will have him around for some more years. He´s a family member too. 🙂

  1. OMG Billy is so cute. I could cuddle him instantly. What kind of terrier is he? Our cat is definitly a senior too (we don´t know his true age because he was a stray). We feed him healthy dry food for cats.
    Wow what a beautiful and especially big garden. (We had thujas ones, too)

    1. He is a Yorkshire terrier. The garden is indeed pretty big compared to all the other gardens in our district. It´s enough place that can be discovered by Billy 🙂

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