A Garden For My Mother And Her Husband

There will be new opportunities for nature photos in the future. My mother and her husband got an offer to get a nice garden. The garden is near the Trave River in Lübeck.

I didn´t see the garden yet but my mother did send me the images above via WhatsApp. They said they need to work to make it all beautiful but I am already excited about the photos. It´s not far away from the river of our town and this is pretty great because there is a lot of nature too. Maybe not so much nature like in Salem, where grandma and grandpa have a campground, but anyway, the garden of my mother and her husband will be great too, I am sure.

16 thoughts on “A Garden For My Mother And Her Husband

  1. I love it , looks so peaceful i can imagine all the photos of birds, flowers , etc that you can take 👍 The dog is so cute 🙂

    1. Hehe, yes Franni… I think it´s possible to take some nice photos there. It´s still in the city but more near the River… there are some nice trails where I can walk to find flowers and insects for example. It´s not completely nature but far away enough from any streets.

      It´s one of those city gardens but one of the best ones that you can find in Lübeck because all others are small, just meters away from streets. This one here is a little bit better located. It´s much more beautiful near the Trave River 🙂

  2. It is very nice. How does that work? Is it a small piece of land that they bought or rented? Do other people have gardens there too? I would like to have a garden but I live in a small, six unit, apartment building and don’t have much land that I can use for a garden.

    1. Yes Charles, it´s rented for a yearly fee…

      There are two different possibilities… campgrounds in Germany are far away from the town and this is real nature where people have tends and caravans. My uncle and his family or grandma and grandpa for example spend their free time on campgrounds far away from the town, you maybe saw my “Salem” posts about the campground there.

      The second possibility is to rent a garden and this is a little bit cheaper. There are several garden communities in most towns. Some gardens are really directly in the city and others are little bit more apart as the garden on my photos. It´s near the river but still in the city. It´s not far away from the city streets so that I wouldn´t say it´s “deep in the nature”. But even in this case it is quite beautiful because the “garden comminities” are little bit away from the streets and it is more calm there.

      In both cases it is an area of land where people can get their own place. So yes, you have neighbors. If you live in an appartment, both cases are the ideal alternative to a house with an own garden, because still it is less expansive to rent a small spot anywhere. 🙂 As in your case, also my family members don´t have a house or an own garden in front of the appartment. They rent a place anywhere else.

      I thought this would be a concept that you can see in other countries too? It´s not?

      1. We have many campgrounds here in the United States but I have never seen a place where one can rent a garden. They probably exist but they are not well known where I live near Tampa.

      2. This is interesting. Here you can find garden communities in every town. 😀 This is a very well established concept here. Especially where people can´t afford a house with own garden. Most people live in appartments here. I think we have garden communities in all directions of the compass and even in between. I´m not sure how much there are in my town. 😀

  3. It looks very pleasant and I am sure you will get some good photos there. This is a different idea to me, it sounds as if they live in a place where there is no garden attached to the home but they can rent or buy one elsewhere. Is that right? I know they do something like that in England with “allottments” but I was too young to understand how the system worked when we moved to Australia. I’ve always lived in houses that had a garden.

    1. Yes you descriped it very well and precisely! Charles, the other blogger asked this too and I did need a lot of words to descripe it. I actually thought this concept would be known in much more countries too. Maybe this concept is more of a European phenomenon? I didn´t know that.

      Yes, there are areas where people can rent a spot and it´s like a community because you will have garden neighbors who rented too. Fee is in most cases yearly and still cheaper as if you would own a house with own garden in front of the house. 🙂

      I think this concept works in populous town because most people don´t live in a house, but rather in appartments here, so that they can still enjoy a little nature.

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