Another Strange But Beautiful Wildflower

Strange Purple Wild Flower

There are still so many photos that I could upload to my blog, but this is not happening due to the fact that it´s a pain to write articles since the latest changes here on WordPress. I refuse to work with the new editor and I can activate the classic editor but only for so long, until I delete cookies. One smart developer thought it would be an awesome idea to store the information via browser cookies. So, don´t expect much new articles from my side unless they let us choose the classic editor permanently (stored on the server-side), or unless I go through this hell to work with the latest changes.

However, I though I won´t delete my browser cookies today so that I can access the classic editor to publish some new photos on my blog. I mean, isn´t it sad that they destroy the passion of a lot of people? I updated my blog regularly, and now I am not able to do so because they came up with this bullshit new editor. Yes, I call it bullshit because I hate to mince words. I always said it, you might find a lot of funny things on my blog, but you will also find out that I am able to rant if I feel bad about something. In this case, I never will hold my words back. But enough about it, I should talk about the photo as I usually do…

Ok, well, I can´t. I don´t even know where I took the photo and when I took the photo. In fact I do like this photo so much that I would have uploaded it already on the day I took the image, but then we got this new editor. Wait, don´t let me talk about this again. Ranting is fun but I shouldn´t go too far.

I don´t know, I think I took the photo anywhere near the new garden of my mother and her husband. You can find a lot of wildflowers in that area near the Trave River. As always I am not sure what kind of flower it is. As always I just know it is a beautiful one that is worth to get photographed.

5 thoughts on “Another Strange But Beautiful Wildflower

  1. Hello Dennis,

    I know that it is not easy/will not be easy (maybe not even possible), but please do not let this new editor situation interrupt your blogging and your desire/inspiration to blog.

    I recommend trying to avoid the new editor or even thinking about it when possible, and just continue manually using the dashboard editor and continue blogging like everything is normal; but I really do hope that they will make a server-side setting for this very soon, and I hope that the new editor becomes usable in the future.

    I too was losing the desire/inspiration/will to continue blogging, but I kept trying to get myself to blog every day and I kept trying to ignore/forget the new editor; and now I am feeling and blogging almost normal again, and I have not missed a day of blogging yet since this new editor situation began. 😉

    Now about about your flower photograph, that image looked so high quality and professional that at first I thought that it was a professional photograph taken by someone else, and so I was shocked/surprised to read that this amazing photograph was taken by you; wow! 😀

    Well done, and keep up the good work. 🙂

    -John Jr

    1. Thank you John for the motivating words. You are probably right. I should get used to the obstacles because over the years I did put a lot of efforts into my blog and developed something like a passion or a new hobby. Sharing content I created, writing things and so.

      On the other side… I can get positively excited about things I like but at the same time I can get pretty angry about things I dislike 😀 There was always a balance of both on my blog. However, nothing stopped me so far, until the new editor came up. I should take your words… it shouldn´t stop me to be passionated about my blog. This would be sad.

      About the photo… thank you very much. Taking photos is something that I am totally excited about since some time now. I still run around with a very basic digital camera or with my smartphone. But if you take a lot of photos, you can get some great results with growing experience. I usually edit some of my photos with Photoshop and so. Thank you for the compliments! Always cool to hear that others liked one of my photos 🙂

  2. Hi Dennis, nice to see you back. I was afraid that the new editor had scared you away for good. I don’t like it either but as I normally prefer to do my posts from the dashboard anyway it hasn’t affected me as much. I did have a run in with the new editor one night last week when I decided to give it a try and it immediately decided to publish a post that I had wanted to schedule for a later date. I was cross about that and won’t use it again if I can avoid it.
    I love writing my blogs and I don’t want to give it up because of a stupid editor so I’ll perservere and I hope that you will too.

    1. It definitely interrupted my blogging interval anyhow. Yesterday again. I activated the classic editor and was able to create two new posts. I wanted to create a third posts and the new editor appeared again although I didn´t even delete my browser cookies. I think I either must get used to the extra clicks to access the old editor or I should create new posts through the dashboard as well. Once I am in the old editor, everything is ok. But in case they would remove the old editor, I am not sure for how long I would be here, I would maybe search a new hosting provider, I am not sure. But fortunately it looks as if this wouldn´t happen at the moment.

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