Super Tasty Salad

Tasty Salad

Not sure how often I mentioned it, but I suffer from salad addiction. Ok, this is partly a lie. I am addicted to salads but I don´t really suffer, I rather enjoy salads. On the photo above you can see a salad that my mother made. It´s a tomato salad. You could also call it tomato and onion salad. If there is a reason why there are so many onions in the salad, then because my mother loves onions, well, I love them too. Some of my friends would probably say “Oh there are too many onions!”.

Salads are a big thing in our family. Grandma always made great cucumber salads or mixed salads. My mother always made great tomato salads and I do enjoy all kind of salads and do create my own too. But I also know some friends who would never touch a salad. I don´t understand it because salads taste fresh and are tasty especially when it´s summer. I don´t eat them because they are healthy, I don´t care too much about healthy food, I especially eat them because they are super delicious. I like vegetables so much and if you put all kind of vegetables together, it´s like a fresh explosion in your mouth. I like that, and making salads is so easy that even someone like me can create them, although I am not really an expert when we talk about food.

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