You Can Now Play World of Warcraft For Free Without Restrictions Until September 26th

World of Warcraft Screenshot In A Forest

Good news for all who always wanted to try out World of Warcraft without restrictions. Blizzard offers a trial without any restrictions and if you sign up, you will be able to play the full game until September 26th. This differs a lot to the trial version they offered in the past, because you can now fully enjoy any feature of the game for a limited time.

There are no chat restrictions as in the trial versions and you can discover all expansions and level your character up to the recent maximum level 90 of the latest expansion, I mean, as long as you get to this level in the three weeks playing WoW for free. As a first time World of Warcraft player you might notice that there is a lot to discover and you might be quite busy in the three weeks.

If you can´t await your journey, then head over to this site and find out how you can get started to play World of Warcraft for free without restrictions for a limited time. Also check out this Beginner´s Guide if you need help with your first steps.

Edit: It seems that this was just an email promotion that has been send to specific users and it was not for all people. Maybe the media page has been sent to customers of other Blizzard games but the free time was not different than the 30 day test period that all new World of Warcraft customers would get anyway.

In the official forum a moderator and staff of Blizzard mentioned:

Hey guys,

The media link to our site is a graphic used from some promotions we were running for select players of our other games that haven’t tried WoW yet. It’s part of an email sent to them.

The free time it’s referring too is the 30 day month that all new subscribers get.

So, this should clarify the purpose of the World of Warcraft promotion page. It also seems that this page is now offline.

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