Still Not The Time For Flower Photos But…

If you took enough flower photos last year, you are probably still busy today to upload them. I still have flower photos from last year and I really should upload some of them even if it’s not a flower season yet. A thrill of anticipation comes up if you see flowers, and I am happy that it won’t take too long anymore until springtime begins because it would be cool to see some colours again. Until then, I could just upload at least some of the photos that are left from the last year. Here is one that I found … Continue reading Still Not The Time For Flower Photos But…

Another Strange But Beautiful Wildflower

There are still so many photos that I could upload to my blog, but this is not happening due to the fact that it´s a pain to write articles since the latest changes here on WordPress. I refuse to work with the new editor and I can activate the classic editor but only for so long, until I delete cookies. One smart developer thought it would be an awesome idea to store the information via browser cookies. So, don´t expect much new articles from my side unless they let us choose the classic editor permanently (stored on the server-side), or … Continue reading Another Strange But Beautiful Wildflower

More Flowers For The Blog

It´s that time, flowers everywhere, also on my blog. I found the flowers above on grandma´s campground weeks ago and liked them so that I had to take a photo. I think purple really fits together with white. Both flower colours work well together in this arrangement. Grandma has several beautiful plants places on her place. Yet again, I am not really sure how the flower is called. I should have asked grandma so that I learn. Continue reading More Flowers For The Blog

African Daisy?

When I took photos of flowers, I usually got hints or the right answers about the flower names from my readers and that is cool! But this time I thought I research a little on my own. I found this flower on the balcony of my mother but also on the campsite of my grandma and grandpa. Looks like this flower is kinda trendy. My mother said it would be any kind of marguerite daisy but when I asked Google, I did found many different appearing marguerite daisies. I compared them all and researched and found out that this might … Continue reading African Daisy?

Purple Flower Photo

This is just another flower that I found on grandma´s and grandpa´s camp ground in Salem. As I don´t know much about any flowers, I also don´t know the name of the flower on the image above. I am not even sure if my grandma did plant it or if it´s a wild flower that grew on her place. Anyway, I like this flower especially the tiny hairs on the plant stem. I was surprised that my point and shoot camera was able to let the plant hairs appear but I used the macro mode of my cheap camera, which … Continue reading Purple Flower Photo