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Purple Flower Photo

Purple Flower Photo

This is just another flower that I found on grandma´s and grandpa´s camp ground in Salem. As I don´t know much about any flowers, I also don´t know the name of the flower on the image above. I am not even sure if my grandma did plant it or if it´s a wild flower that grew on her place. Anyway, I like this flower especially the tiny hairs on the plant stem. I was surprised that my point and shoot camera was able to let the plant hairs appear but I used the macro mode of my cheap camera, which can sometimes surprise you considering that the camera didn´t cost much. You need to click on the image to enlarge it, to see what I mean. But it was even better visible before I resized the image.


  1. It is NOT an iris for sure. I cannot recall its name now … but soon somebody will, or I’ll come back when it pops into my head. It is one of the most lively flowers in any garden.

    • Wow thanks! You are flower expert 🙂 Looks indeed like a flower with many varieties. Found lots of beautiful Aquilegias with Google. 🙂

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