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EA And DICE Still Try To Fix The Broken Battlefield 4 Netcode, Did They Achieve It With The Latest Update?

DICE promises in a recent blog entry on their official site that they are still working on the broken Battlefield 4 netcode. They say that they released an update for the PC, PS3 and X360 platforms that is aimed to improve the netcode of the game to give players a smoother experience.

They do also mention the test program called CTE (Community Test Environment) again which is there to collect gameplay data and player feedback. You can sign up here if you want to help too to improve the game.

But now back to the update that they call “High Frequency Network Update”. They added a process to the game that they call “High Frequency Bubble” which is basically a radius around the player where the network is updated in increased rates resulting in a smoother communication between the server and client of the player and a more correct gameplay experience.

BF4 High Frequency Network Update Settings Screenshot

The High Frequency Update is by default turned off in the latest release and to take advantage of the improved network you will need to enable the option in the settings. To do this you need to open the gameplay option tab and there you will find an option called “Hi-Frequency Update”. You can adjust the option to three different levels that are “LOW”, “MEDIUM” and “HIGH”. They say that if you have a connection higher than 1Mbit, it will be ok to use the option “HIGH” and if you have issues you should disable or lower the settings.

Check out the DICE blog entry for more update details.

If the update will really improve the game experience, that is not sure and only players can answer this question. So, how do you think about the new update?

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