More Flowers For The Blog

Beautiful Flowers

It´s that time, flowers everywhere, also on my blog. I found the flowers above on grandma´s campground weeks ago and liked them so that I had to take a photo. I think purple really fits together with white. Both flower colours work well together in this arrangement. Grandma has several beautiful plants places on her place. Yet again, I am not really sure how the flower is called. I should have asked grandma so that I learn.

4 thoughts on “More Flowers For The Blog

  1. Flowers in the field are always my favorites. When i had a garden I grew everything so that it looked wild… I do not know what these are but the combination against the green background is wonderful.

    1. Agree, they are wonderful. But they are planted in a pot, not wildly. I took the photo in this angle to make it look more natural and to have the green grass background as you noticed. 🙂 But grandma also plants several other flowers and plants in the real ground so that it looks wild. As you, I also do like this 🙂

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