Musing About This And That – Part 2

Today I visited grandma and grandpa and we enjoyed “Kaffee und Kuchen” as we say in Germany, and that means enjoying coffee and cake. But it’s not to be taken literally, because I don’t like coffee and I always drink something else. I ate a “Bienenstich”, that’s a bee sting cake and very delicious. I believe “Kaffe und Kuchen” time is very similar to the british tea time, it’s more about coming together to chat. We talked about our family history today, and grandpa told me that one of his nephew lives in Peru since a long time already because … Continue reading Musing About This And That – Part 2

Grandma’s 72nd Birthday

Yesterday was grandma’s 72nd birthday, and of course the family celebrated it and sat together. The sister of my grandma did bake one delicious tart and one delicious cake, and grandma bought the third one in a store. The tart on the photo above is baked by her sister, it was a very delicious peach tart. We always agree, she knows how to bake tarts. She did also create cakes that we call “Amerikaner” here, translated that means “American”, it’s the cake with the smile you see below. This cake is just called that way since I can think, probably … Continue reading Grandma’s 72nd Birthday

We Had A Frightening Weekend, My Grandma Came To The Hospital

I was quite frightened this weekend. On Friday I got a phone call and my mother told me that my grandma came to the hospital. She does have too high blood pressure at times but this time it was extremely high. Grandma was away from our city when this happened on Friday. The emergency service had to decide if they bring her to the nearest hospital or to our city hospital that was more far away. They decided to drive to the nearest hospital because she has been at risk to get a heart attack if it takes too much … Continue reading We Had A Frightening Weekend, My Grandma Came To The Hospital

More Flowers For The Blog

It´s that time, flowers everywhere, also on my blog. I found the flowers above on grandma´s campground weeks ago and liked them so that I had to take a photo. I think purple really fits together with white. Both flower colours work well together in this arrangement. Grandma has several beautiful plants places on her place. Yet again, I am not really sure how the flower is called. I should have asked grandma so that I learn. Continue reading More Flowers For The Blog

Grandma´s Birthday Tarts and the new Earth Resident

Ok Grandma is now 70 and the whole family met each other today to celebrate her birthday with some tasty tarts. We talked a lot and the day was pretty much fun. I think grandma did enjoy the day too. Love to see it if my grandma is happy. While she got a lot of gifts, a get-together is the biggest present. Spending time with each other and having a good day. Here are the two tasty tarts we had on the table, stracciatella and banana split tart… But not only that we all had a lot of fun because … Continue reading Grandma´s Birthday Tarts and the new Earth Resident