Birthday Party of a Family Member on the Weekend

We celebrated a birthday of a family member last weekend. It was the birthday of my mothers husband. We started with “Kaffee und Kuchen” (coffee and cake) in the afternoon, which is traditional here when something is celebrated. My mother and her husband invited my grandma, my grandpa und me. We had a nice afternoon and good talk.


When grandma and grandpa went home, we decided to visit my uncle and aunt to have a good and relaxing evening with some alcohol…

We drunk beer… yea german beer ūüėÄ

But also Borboun Whisky (Jim Beam) with Coca Cola…

I must mention I really like Whisky but Borboun Whisky is not what I prefer. If I drink, then I do prefer Scotch Whisky.. stuff like Johny Walker and so.
But thistime I drunk the Borboun too and it was not too bad but for me too sweet anyhow.

We all drunk apart from the beer round about three glasses Whisky but after each also a glass of water. This really helps to not get headache next day and we were right. It was a saturday and the sunday was ok. I did not feel bad. But I can say the saturday has been fun. It was a nice meeting and the birthday boy said he liked it too.


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