Grandpa´s Birthday Cake

We visited grandpa today as it is his birthday. We had a nice talk and enjoyed his day while eating some cakes. One of the cakes is called “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte” and the cake is called Black Forest gateau in english. The other cake is a “Erdbeer-Rolle” which could be called “Strawberry Roll” translated in english. Pretty tasty cakes! As always, grandpa had much to tell and I really like to listen as he can tell you much life stories! He sometimes really can´t stop talking but I think this is a family syndrome. Friends told me that I do talk … Continue reading Grandpa´s Birthday Cake

Grandma´s Birthday Tarts and the new Earth Resident

Ok Grandma is now 70 and the whole family met each other today to celebrate her birthday with some tasty tarts. We talked a lot and the day was pretty much fun. I think grandma did enjoy the day too. Love to see it if my grandma is happy. While she got a lot of gifts, a get-together is the biggest present. Spending time with each other and having a good day. Here are the two tasty tarts we had on the table, stracciatella and banana split tart… But not only that we all had a lot of fun because … Continue reading Grandma´s Birthday Tarts and the new Earth Resident

Don´t Eat Snow Pie

I often wrote here that my mother can become very creative if she is bored. What I mean is,… she then starts to look around to find ideas what to do. I really like that because this is a way to look what the surrounding world offers. Since here is still so many snow in North Germany and because her balcony is full of snow. she started to create a pie out of snow. Don´t worry.. nobody did eat the snow pie. But you must admit the pie could pass as artwork… or? Continue reading Don´t Eat Snow Pie