Snapshots Of Uncles Birthday Cakes

Some days ago but I still had the two photos of Uncle´s birthday cakes on my hard disk. The strawberry cake was pretty delicious, but well, strawberries are always delicious, aren´t they? But also the marble cake was pretty good with cream. As always, the whole family came together to celebrate the birthday.

4 thoughts on “Snapshots Of Uncles Birthday Cakes

    1. Ich habe dich verstanden 🙂 I still mean your German is not so bad as you think. A few typos and grammar problems but still very readable! It´s not awkward. It´s good to know more than one language 🙂

      1. Je parle un peu de français. Je ne suis pas bon en français. Mon français est rudimentaire. J’ai étudié le français pendent trois ans au lycée. Comme tout cela est loin!

        Ok to be honest, I forget everything I learned about french in school decades ago. I have been to france several times but even that and the three years french in school didn´t help to memorize the language. I did put my french sentence in this comment together with help of the internet 😀

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