Grandma´s Birthday Tarts and the new Earth Resident

Ok Grandma is now 70 and the whole family met each other today to celebrate her birthday with some tasty tarts. We talked a lot and the day was pretty much fun. I think grandma did enjoy the day too. Love to see it if my grandma is happy. While she got a lot of gifts, a get-together is the biggest present. Spending time with each other and having a good day. Here are the two tasty tarts we had on the table, stracciatella and banana split tart…

But not only that we all had a lot of fun because of grandma´s birthday… I saw also a new earth resident and family member the first time! My cousin has born a child and she is already out of the hospital and has shown us the baby. The name of the new family member is Emily Jolie and she is so cute with the small hands and feet but still very tired! I wish I could show you Emily Jolie with her cute smurf beanie. 🙂 I am so happy!


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