Noodles And Sausages

Yes, we germans are even so crazy that we sometimes eat our sausages together with noodles and sauce. Above is one example. I love it and it is so tasty but I am not sure if everybody would think so. The dish above is very easy to cook. It is basically just cooking the noodles, throwing them into the sauce which is just a Maggi instant powder and throwing the sausages (Vienna sausage) into it as well. You could also create your own sauce but the instant powder is really very tasty in my opinion. The company Maggi calls the … Continue reading Noodles And Sausages

Noodles With Sauce, Steak and Vegetables

On the image you can see noodles with sauce, a steak and vegetables. Very delicious and again cooked by my mother’s husband. I like his dishes so much. The photo is a little bit older but I still have so many photos in my folders and I really want to save and share them all on my blog. I must say, looking on this photo makes me hungry. Continue reading Noodles With Sauce, Steak and Vegetables

I Invited My Mother And Her Husband To The Asia Restaurant

The husband of my mother had birthday some days ago and I wanted to buy a gift yesterday until I got the idea to invite him and my mother to an asia restaurant as I thought it would have much more value to spend time together. I came up with the idea to visit a greek restaurant but the husband of my mother said that he did eat greek food a few days ago. I said that it is up to him as it is primary his birthday gift. There are several possibilities and I asked if they would like … Continue reading I Invited My Mother And Her Husband To The Asia Restaurant

Roast Potatos, Junket and Omelette with Vegetables

Very common german cuisine… Roast potatos, junket and omelette with vegetables! I love it so much. It´s what I call culinary delight. If I am proud about anything german then it is our german cuisine. While I still eat other things and international stuff too, german food is simply awesome. Fortunately the husband of my mother is really good when he swings the cooking spoon and I really like to eat there if I am invited. But I think I mentioned it pretty often on my blog. 🙂 Continue reading Roast Potatos, Junket and Omelette with Vegetables

If this does not look tasty…

Above you can see excelent german cuisine. Yes I go so far to call it excelent. Again the husband of my mother did swing the cooking spoon and what you see above is the result. Extremely delicious, really. I still wonder why he never became a cook, I mean jobwise. It´s funny. Because he cooks way better than the cooks of many local restaurants. He is always proud if I tell him and in my opinion he really can be proud as it is no lie. Above you can see beef with potatos, red cabbage, paprika and carrots. Do you … Continue reading If this does not look tasty…

Turkish tasty Bulgur Salad

There is a turkish fruit shop and bakery not far away from my appartement. I go shopping there since over five years or maybe more. The prices for fruits and vegetables and other things are pretty reasonable there. More favorable and tasty than in any other shop I know. It´s my favorite shop for such things. It´s a family-run shop. A man with his woman and son. I’m on very good terms with them and always if I go there we have some nice talking. I like that so much and it is such a difference to many other shops. … Continue reading Turkish tasty Bulgur Salad