I Invited My Mother And Her Husband To The Asia Restaurant

duck vegetables mushrooms bamboo

The husband of my mother had birthday some days ago and I wanted to buy a gift yesterday until I got the idea to invite him and my mother to an asia restaurant as I thought it would have much more value to spend time together. I came up with the idea to visit a greek restaurant but the husband of my mother said that he did eat greek food a few days ago. I said that it is up to him as it is primary his birthday gift. There are several possibilities and I asked if they would like asian food but I thought they wouldn´t like it. I am a big fan of asian cuisine but dishes containing fish excluded. But the husband of my mother was amazed by the idea to visit the asia restaurant and my mother did like the idea too.

The husband of my mother wanted to eat duck and I wanted to eat duck as well and I decided for the dish with mushrooms, vegetables and bamboo. He said he would eat the same. My mother was unsure but said that she would like it too but without the mushrooms. We did order it and got the food 15 minutes later or so. We all had to laugh much when the asian guy said “First we have this asian mushroom delicacy without mushrooms that is actually the same like an american cheeseburger without cheese!”. I said this can only be the dish of my mother and then he brought me and the husband of my mother the other plates with mushrooms. It was fun.

On the photo you can see the nice sauce with mushrooms, the duck, the vegetables and rice but there were a lot of more things under the meat. Asian noodles and so on. There were a lot of vegetables and it was simply delicious. We did spend some time together and the husband of my mother was pretty happy about this surprise. My mother did like the evening too. We had enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “I Invited My Mother And Her Husband To The Asia Restaurant

    1. We had to laugh too because my mother simply could have ordered another dish with duck. They have so much different duck dishes even without mushrooms but no, my mom did want the one with mushrooms if the cook leaves the mushrooms aside. This was the joke of the day 😀

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