Opened My Fortune Cookie

A fresh start will put you on your way

I felt so stuffed when we leaved the asian restaurant yesterday and then we got a fortune cookie too but we all didn´t want to open it yesterday as we felt replete with food. But today I did open the fortune cookie. My fortune cookie suggests “A fresh start will put you on your way”. This sounds mysterious.

I thought a while what the message would refer to but then I remembered that I still thought about the possibility to work on my second blog or domain the last days. I mentioned that I bought a second domain for a technology related blog but I mentioned also that I had an uncomfortable feeling when I wrote on two blogs.

But all the days, I really thought about the possibility to give it another try. Maybe that´s what the message is referring to? I wouldn´t find anything else. The second domain is still active but the blog is set to private and I imported all the content to this blog here. If I give the other domain a second chance and if I lose the interest again, then I could again import everything I wrote there to this blog here. The fortune cookie definitely fits to my thoughts I had the days. I like to take fortune cookies seriously.

I even could reactivate the other project as a german technology blog or in english again. There are several possibilities due to the fact that I am very interested in technology and that the domain name is related to technology. Let´s see. The import and export function of WordPress does give me a lot of room to move when I give up again. I think about it.

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