Uncomfortable Feeling With More Than One Blog

I must admit that it feels very uncomfortable to write on more than one blog. It´s like there is a barrage. I really dislike it that I now always have to make the decision where I want to publish my content. I created my other blog to write down my technology stories over there and to swap this subject from this blog to the other one in the future. But to be honest, it gives me an uncomfortable feeling to work in two dashboards and so on.

It´s my decision and I could instantly give up to write on the new blog and publish all the technology and gaming things again here where I always did. It would just have cost me 26 US Dollar for the yearly domain rental and that is not a big problem. This decision wouldn´t hurt.

The only advantage I see with a pure technology blog is that readers who are interested in technology will find only that kind of content over there. On the other side, technology is a huge term and can mean gaming which is a huge subject on it´s own and different other modern things. But for me, I realized it feels uncomfortable and that isn´t funny. I realize that I enjoy it to put all my thoughts and interest at one place as I always did. Talking about this blog here.

It´s not too late to drop the other domain or at least to stop working on it. I mean the technology blog. It was anyway just a 26 Dollar lesson then. I could continue to publish everything here on this blog as I always did. Ok for regular readers this might be annoying since they might find subjects in their reader without being interested in it. On the other side I know that 90% of my traffic comes through the Google search anyway. But this isn´t meant like “I don´t care if I have regular readers”. As said it is generally about my feeling and that I do think it is for me much more comfortable to just work in one dashboard and on one blog.

And even if I swap the technology subjects to another domain, then there are still other general topics here. I mean how much do cat stories fit together with general photos which inspire me to write about other stories? It always has been mixed here and worked for me.

I must think about all this. I really like this blog here much more since I did put so much effort in it. This blog here is already something like my base where I can heck out my new articles. Always loved this. I need some time to think about it. Maybe I will drop the new project before it´s too late. But I am not sure. It´s just this uncomfortable feeling with more than one blog and this is annoying anyhow.

10 thoughts on “Uncomfortable Feeling With More Than One Blog

  1. Hi Dennis, I have two blogs as well but I guess the difference is that I started my first blog to write about my hobby of collecting dolls. After about a month I found I wanted to write about other things as well so I created “My Other Blog” to be a sort of diary of thoughts, pictures and events. So I’ve done it the other way round to you! I don’t find it a problem to switch from one to the other. Sometimes I write something for both on the same day and sometimes I don’t. However i guess in the end you should do what feels best for you and for your blog. If people don’t want to read a technical post they can always skip it and go on to one of the general posts. You are not forcing anyone to read them. Good luck with them whatever way you decide to go.

    1. Thanks for your input. I didn´t even know that you have two blogs. I clicked on your name last time you commented here as I usually do visit back as it is interesting to find out what others do write on their blogs. Then I realized you write about dolls and I wouldn´t be able to comment much about dolls. Great to know that you have a general blog as well so that I can check this blog out as well. I found the other adress on your avatar profile, cool.

      I know many who have more than one blog. Looks like some really have no problem with it. You are right, people could still skip what they do not want to read. I think there are many general and many niche blogs out there and anybody can decide what to read.

      SInce 26 dollar in the year isn´t a wealth, I could still use my new domain as “sandbox” where I can try things out like themes and so. It wouldn´t hurt much to pay them both. Also the domain name of the new blog is not too bad. Maybe I get the idea again to write on a technology blog and then I do still have domain to restart. For now I will focus again on this blog here I think.

        1. Well, this is not too bad! To be honest I played Sims too as I like the creative aspect of this game. Really cool to build homes there and to make jokes with the characters you can create there 🙂

    2. Ah! Now I see… I must have followed your other blog as well because you do upload photos too and stories as well as it seems. Have so many photo and story bloggers in my reader. Let me dig a little bit in your blog now. 🙂

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