Blogging Idea: Blog Posts From The Past

While I corrected the English of some of my older blog posts, I got the idea that it would be fun to highlight some of the stories again from time to time. The blogging reality is that we share a lot of funny or entertaining stories, but most of the blog posts sink into insignificance once they are not visible on the front page anymore. If I go through my older blog posts, I am often entertained for two reasons, I am sometimes surprised that I actually wrote about a certain topic because I forget it after a while, and … Continue reading Blogging Idea: Blog Posts From The Past

Talking With A Farmer

Today I was outside again, and I took the paths through the small forests, around the ponds, and over fields. Close to a farm (not the one in the photo) near a small forest, I watched over the fields and into the sky, because I was looking for bird of prey, and then a farmer greeted me and asked if I would look for birds. The farmer was very old and friendly, and I told him that I was looking for bird of prey, and he replied that this area is perfect if I want to find them, and he … Continue reading Talking With A Farmer

Overly Attached Black Cat

I met this black cat just minutes later after I left my apartment to start my 14 miles hike. It’s usually not the kind of photo quality that I like to share, but it was still so dark that I had a hard time to take a good photo of this cat. I share it anyway, because… This black cat was a problem. It seems I am a magnet to cats once they spot me and I guess it has to do with the fact that they smell my cat Shyna. The last cat I met just came to me … Continue reading Overly Attached Black Cat