Potatoes, Cucumber, String Beans And Fried Eggs

Potatoes, Cucumber, Green Beans And Fried Eggs

The dish above is also quite tasty. Potatoes, cucumbers, string beans and fried eggs. Again cooked by the husband of my mother. I think I should convince him of creating a blog about German dishes. But he is grown up in East Germany which means he can´t speak English as he learned Russian back at that time. Anyway, he could write the recipes and I could shoot the photos and translate the recipes to english. I am not sure how much people would like to learn cooking German dishes but it could be a blog with a good purpose.

I could ask him but on the other side I remember that I didn´t feel that well when I created a second blog, some time ago. Anyway, some trains of thought should be allowed. I just wanted to write this idea down, maybe I come back to it at another time.

8 thoughts on “Potatoes, Cucumber, String Beans And Fried Eggs

    1. This is a quite interesting idea as well Charles! I could at least write and translate, and shoot the photos while the husband of my mother as the expert makes the dishes. I always wondered why he never opened a restaurant. He is really a good cook and he thinks it´s just a hobby. I believe he could make a living of his hobby.

      1. Yep, potato pancakes are quite famour here. But it´s funny, anyhow I don´t like to eat them 😀 But if the husband of my mother ever makes them, I will ask him for a recipe to share it with a photo 🙂

  1. I think a German recipe blog would be awesome. This reminds me of a dish my mom makes. (She is also German). She just does fried potatoes, fried eggs and a string bean salad. Very yummy.

    1. Yes I really will think about the recipe blog but I am not the cook.. but together with the husband of my mother how created all the delicious dishes, this could be a nice idea. 🙂

      String bean salad is tasty too, it´s a while ago and I should string bean salad again soon! 😀

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