Trave River, Historic District And Cathedral of Lübeck

Lübeck Trave River, View In The Direction To The Lübeck Cathedral

I think it´s some time for some other stuff. While I still have many photos of my cat that I want to upload, especially from the new photoshoot, I thought it would be a good idea to upload some different photos I shot over the last weeks. I uploaded several Ladybug photos, flower photos and what not but I shouldn´t forget to bring in some new stuff.

Above you can see the Trave River of Lübeck. Behind the river you can see the historic district of Lübeck and the “Dom zu Lübeck” (Cathedral of Lübeck). Lübeck has a lot of bigger churches that I mentioned on my blog. If you are interested to read about the Cathedral of Lübeck, check out the Wikipedia article.

I shot the image above from a small bridge when I was walking near the city. Hope you like the photo. Here are two others…

10 thoughts on “Trave River, Historic District And Cathedral of Lübeck

    1. Yep, I am born in Lübeck and I do still live there. Anyhow I never wanted to move away. It´s not far away from the Baltic Coast which is great, and if I want to visit a métropole then Hamburg is not far away as well. I think Lübeck is not too special apart from the very old history and medieval gothic architecture but anyhow I feel too much home here to move away 🙂

      1. I also love living by the coast but here near Tampa, Florida there is not many historic buildings. I think that is why I like St. Augustine, Florida because it is the oldest city in America and it is on the coast.

      2. When we both talked about the GoPro weeks ago, I checked out your YouTube channel and saw some of your videos. Looks like you live in a great area too. I noticed your water is much more clear than ours in the Baltic Sea. I also found your bike ride videos and your place looks pretty interesting!

        I follow your cats blog since some time here on wp and I now found out that you have some other blogs, wow. Your personal blog is not hosten on wp. It´s sad that we can´t add other blogs into our wp reader which I usually use when I want to read blogs. We can add blogs with email notification but they could improve this as I really would also like to see some selfhosted blogs in the reader.

  1. Very beautiful. I like scenery photos, too. In spite of the gray cloudy day, the reflection on the water is so pretty. The very German-like historic building is very nice, too.

    1. Hey Sato 🙂 True, I love too how for example the church reflection is visible on the water. We have really a cloudy spring at the moment. Most of the days it is cloudy at the moment and sometimes sunny… it´s like autumn and summer at the same time. Strange weather changes.

    1. Yes, but there are more old buildings in the historic district I showed here. I live some districts apart of that area, where buildings are little bit more modern. But anyway, the historic district is not far away and I often wander through the old city. 🙂

    1. Yes, I think we have some very beautiful places here in Lübeck. Especially the older parts of the city with very old architecture. But then there are also ugly places but I do think every city has a beautiful and ugly side.

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