Lübeck Cathedral

I’ve been in the old district yesterday as I visited a store to test guitars. And when I am in or near the old district, I often see things that I like to photograph. Yesterday, it was the millpond as we call it in German (Mühlenteich). In the background on the left, you can see the Lübeck Cathedral. In the middle, you see some beautiful villas and on the right, you can see the tower of the St. Aegidien Church. I always like the view you see in the picture but yesterday it looked special because of all the algae … Continue reading Lübeck Cathedral

Somewhere In Lübeck

Some days ago I went for a walk with my mother. We roamed near the inner-city of Lübeck. We took some photos with our phones. Above you can see one of the photos, we shot in the direction of the historic city where you see some churches of Lübeck. But the historic district starts behind the white houses and there is also the Trave River. I assume it is not cheap to live in one of the white buildings, because the view on the other side is amazing. It’s most likely a nice place to have an apartment. Continue reading Somewhere In Lübeck

Trave River, Historic District And Cathedral of Lübeck

I think it´s some time for some other stuff. While I still have many photos of my cat that I want to upload, especially from the new photoshoot, I thought it would be a good idea to upload some different photos I shot over the last weeks. I uploaded several Ladybug photos, flower photos and what not but I shouldn´t forget to bring in some new stuff. Above you can see the Trave River of Lübeck. Behind the river you can see the historic district of Lübeck and the “Dom zu Lübeck” (Cathedral of Lübeck). Lübeck has a lot of … Continue reading Trave River, Historic District And Cathedral of Lübeck