10 Things That Can Make You Instantly Look Like A Dubious Blogger

10 Things That You Better Should Not Do As A WordPress Blogger

This list will be mainly related to the WordPress.com community. This community is a great one. A powerful community with powerful tools. But there are also some people who seems not to understand that there can be behaviors that the majority of bloggers won´t accept. So, here is a list of ten behaviours that you better should not integrate in your daily blogging routine:

1. Instant liking of articles. To be honest, it is absolutely ok to like photo postings as soon as they are published if you primarily like the shown photo rather than the text but if you do instantly like a 500 or 1000 words long article without any photo as soon as the article is published, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

2. Instant following after someone did publish an article. To be honest, it is absolutely ok to follow other blogs of the community and connecting is just super cool but if you do that just a second after someone published a new article, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

3. Commenting with one or two words. Yes, it is absolutely ok to comment with one or two words if the article blasted you away that you just had the two words “Super cool!” in your mind but if you do this all the time, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

4. Commenting with a few words and a link to your blog. Right, it is absolutely ok to comment and to share your link, in case you link something interesting or related to the article but if you do it only to get attention and to spread your links all over, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

5. Place hundreds of trackback links under your article. Don´t worry, it is absolutely ok to place related links to other blogs under your article but if you do that only to get as most attention as possible, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

6. Avatars are great and fun and can personalize your appearance if you comment on other blogs but if your avatar contains nothing else than a highly visible URL of your blog, then remember most bloggers didn´t set their blogs up just to give you free advertising space. Be sure, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

7. Mass reblogging content of other blogs. Indeed, the reblog function is a great tool and reblogging with permission is often fair for all involved but if you have no own content and if you just reblog content of others in masses all the day, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

8. Yes placing links to other blogs and click them for a test is just ok, but if you do that with the intention to remove the link afterwards just to appear in the referrers section of the other blog owners statistics screen, be sure they might visit you once but never ever again because, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

9. If you have permission, it´s not a bad idea to reuse media files or small quotes of content from others, but if you only visit other blogs to steal content without permission and if you never give credits to the creator of the content, then be prepared to have a hard time in the community and you might even lose your blog because almost all people think this behaviour is extremely bad and, it will make you look like a dubious blogger.

10. If your only intention is to utilize the people of the community or to misuse the tools and functions of the blogging infrastructure, be sure that people won´t trust you and if you take this route it will be the difficult route, so don´t be like a dubious blogger.

Do you agree with all the points or do you disagree with some or all of the points? Do you have other ideas or any own experience? Feel free to drop a comment if you like.

7 thoughts on “10 Things That Can Make You Instantly Look Like A Dubious Blogger

  1. I persinalky disagree with one and two. For me i may like or follow straight away. But this has been how ive found awesome bloggers and been back through their blog. Each blogger has different ways tho. I do agree with the whole links thing. To many links put me off a blogger. Especially if its links to 500000 other social media sites. Im also on my phone app so takes longer for links to load. Also i use reblogging very rarely its gotta be great for me to do so

    1. At some points I did that too. I found several blogs for example that had super awesome photos published and after just one or two photos I thought “Awesome work! Now, this is a blog I want to follow right in this moment”. 😀 I think I meant rather the people who jump through the reader and mass like anything that pops up in their reader under a particular tag. There were a few forum threads on this subject in the past. But other than that, I do think it´s indeed ok to follow someone or to like something right in the moment, if you just love what you found. 🙂

      Thanks for your opinion 🙂

  2. I’ve noticed a few people follow my blog just to get me to look at their blog or website. They must follow thousands of blogs hoping to get people to buy what they are selling. I might buy from a true follower but not from a “fake” follower. I also get trackbacks sometimes that lead to a website with no links back to me. They must post the links and then delete them.

    1. Yes, after some years here in the wordpress community, I noticed some people might have strategies to grab our attention. I think it´s ok if someone follows me but can´t stop by regularly. I don´t demand that as I know many people have a weekly routine like blogging to 80% and 20% visiting other blogs or similar. Then the followers do not only follow me, so if they don´t stop by for a while it´s ok. But then there are those you and I mentioned… they click follow only to grab your attention and I could imagine that someone of them really follow thousands of blogs. This is bad and the word fake really fits well then.

      About the trackbacks… I usually delete them before they are even published on my blog… I wouldn´t do this but it´s exactly because I had it too often as well that people just try to get a backlink from my blog to their blog but as you said, they will remove their link. They just spam you with this strategy. This is why I don´t let trackback links go through because it´s often abused. I would place the trackback links if their articles would be related to any of my articles and if they wouldn´t delete the links later on. Then I would do it, but it´s often not the case.

      1. Exactly how I think. I also only consider to publish trackback comment if they add some value. I think our opinion is not bad. There is simply too much spam going on, which is why we probably became careful.

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