Musing About This And That – Part 1

It seems to me that the personal level on my blog is often missing now. Ok, I do sometimes talk about personal things in my photo posts, but I believe I did this more often in the past. When you do write a blog for so long, the focus might shift over time. I had a theme installed back then where I didn’t need to upload photos, and that was fine because I was not totally into photography at that time. With my recent theme a photo for the post is always needed, that’s fine too, because now I am … Continue reading Musing About This And That – Part 1

Symptom Boredom: We Are Trained To Be Always In Action

As the title of this small article states, boredom is not really as bad as we often perceive it. Back then when I felt bored, it would really drive me nuts, but today I think boredom is there because you might need a downtime, really. Sometimes when I am bored I lay on my couch in the living room to do nothing, yes nothing except of entering the world of thought, or just being thoughtless, it doesn’t matter to me. Here is why I think you don’t have to fight boredom… I think in this modern life we are trained … Continue reading Symptom Boredom: We Are Trained To Be Always In Action

About Homelessness, Poverty And Social Welfare

Today I found a post of a fellow blogger. She was in Melbourne and walked under a bridge and found a bridge pylons where people obviously paid tribute to a person. There were gifts, flowers but also writings on the stone with the word “Mouse”. Please go and read her article. She researched later and found out that Mouse was a homeless man who got stabbed to death. What a sad end, being homeless and then stabbed to death. The homicide alone makes this story already sad but she brings up another good point, it’s terrible that we have homeless … Continue reading About Homelessness, Poverty And Social Welfare

Back To The Roots of This Blog

This article here is mainly addressed to the friendly people who stop by regularly to read my blog. But this article is also there to write some things down for myself. Some time ago I created another blog where I mainly wanted to write about technology and computer games related subjects. The reason was to try out niche blogging and to publish my future technology related articles there and not here anymore, because I thought too many subjects could confuse my readers. I noticed pretty soon that it isnĀ“t my thing to manage more than more blog at once. I … Continue reading Back To The Roots of This Blog