Symptom Boredom: We Are Trained To Be Always In Action

Abstract photo of LED light and aluminium foil
Abstract photo of LED light and aluminium foil

As the title of this small article states, boredom is not really as bad as we often perceive it. Back then when I felt bored, it would really drive me nuts, but today I think boredom is there because you might need a downtime, really. Sometimes when I am bored I lay on my couch in the living room to do nothing, yes nothing except of entering the world of thought, or just being thoughtless, it doesn’t matter to me. Here is why I think you don’t have to fight boredom…

I think in this modern life we are trained to be always in action, therefore our minds do perceive boredom as something strange or maybe even something very annoying, we are not habituated to situations where we do nothing, while doing nothing isn’t really something bad. When you realize this, you will drop the idea that boredom is annoying and something you should fight, I dropped this concept a long time ago. You know what usually happens to me when I stop to fight boredom? A fresh new idea will enter my mind, and the boredom disappeared without my help. This is what I do, I let boredom take effect.

I think boredom is a warning of our mind, that we need more action, like with an addiction, but as said, I do think this is something wrong we got trained, it’s questionable why I should always be in action. Sometimes it is just great to do nothing, I don’t perceive this as something annoying anymore, it’s rather inspirational. It is a downtime that can be used, I don’t have to force myself to be in action, I will look forward when the right idea comes from alone. If we are bored, it´s maybe just the way our mind tells us that we were too stressed, our body is somewhat addicted to action, I don’t let this feeling force me to anything.

A downtime can be very good, being thoughtless for some time, to be able to approach the next things with a clear mind. It can give you new energy and as said maybe even new ideas. I think we are too busy, so busy that our body and mind does already demand it, that’s my opinion. I do either have an idea what I do next, or I don’t, but I don’t force myself into action. Since I stopped to do this, it was surprisingly less likely that I experienced boredom at all. I don’t fight boredom, instead I lay down and calm down a bit, I let the thoughts and ideas pop up on their own, and if there are no thoughts, just as well, it’s a downtime!

4 thoughts on “Symptom Boredom: We Are Trained To Be Always In Action

  1. I spent hours in waiting rooms before doctor’s appointments, and trained myself to meditate during those waits. While others were watching game shows or news on a television, I’d be working through my issues with illness and how to adjust to the vicissitudes illness puts one through. It helped me stay adjusted to and accepting of things I couldn’t change instead of bitter and frustrated like others I know with the same health issues.

    1. I still have my problems with waiting rooms, that’s one of the rare situations where I just wish to get out fast… but at the moment I have a doctor where it wouldn’t take hours. I think waiting hours can really be a “painful” boring experience, but I can better medidate at home… it’s great that you can apply this in waiting rooms too 🙂

  2. You are probably right. I have a lot of trouble doing nothing. I’m always listening to a book, or reading, or processing pictures, or writing. Something. The only time I really relax is when I’m away from home. It’s why sometimes, we really need a vacation 🙂

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