Blogging Idea: Blog Posts From The Past

While I corrected the English of some of my older blog posts, I got the idea that it would be fun to highlight some of the stories again from time to time. The blogging reality is that we share a lot of funny or entertaining stories, but most of the blog posts sink into insignificance once they are not visible on the front page anymore. If I go through my older blog posts, I am often entertained for two reasons, I am sometimes surprised that I actually wrote about a certain topic because I forget it after a while, and … Continue reading Blogging Idea: Blog Posts From The Past

Symptom Boredom: We Are Trained To Be Always In Action

As the title of this small article states, boredom is not really as bad as we often perceive it. Back then when I felt bored, it would really drive me nuts, but today I think boredom is there because you might need a downtime, really. Sometimes when I am bored I lay on my couch in the living room to do nothing, yes nothing except of entering the world of thought, or just being thoughtless, it doesn’t matter to me. Here is why I think you don’t have to fight boredom… I think in this modern life we are trained … Continue reading Symptom Boredom: We Are Trained To Be Always In Action

The Apple Tree Story

Today I want to tell you a short story from my childhood. I can get inspired by a lot of things. Today I got inspiration by a friend on the gaming platform Steam. She wrote me a chat message and apart from other things she chatted also about the meaning of different first names. She for example mentioned that there is a similar one as my name Dennis. It´s a Turkish name that is written Deniz. Dennis is the english variant of the greek name Dionys and Dionysius. But she told me that the Turkish name Deniz would mean “He … Continue reading The Apple Tree Story

Probably Not A Maniac Phase

Almost everything can inspire me now, that´s what I noticed lately. What I mean, the more I write, the more inspired I get. I discover a lot of writing ideas lately. Is this a side-effect of long time blogging? Have you noticed the same? I mean blogging is really interesting and I still have a lot of energy to go on and I am not planning to stop but sometimes I am shocked where all the ideas come from. It´s like waking up with new ideas! When does this stop? Am I arrived in a maniac phase? I guess not,… … Continue reading Probably Not A Maniac Phase