10 Obvious Inspiration Sources For New Blog Articles

I thought I would need to write a little bit about inspiration and about blogging ideas and where to get them. Renard Moreau wrote in one of his latest articles again about blogging and asked his readers how blogging turned out for them. In one passage of the article he writes…

Many bloggers have created techniques that work for them, like writing whenever they are inspired (Yes, writing is definitely easy when you feel the inspiration flowing through you like electricity flowing through a light bulb).

This was basically one sentence that did remind me about my own blogging techniques. I write whenever I am inspired. It’s happening right now. The sentence inspired me to ask myself again, how I come to the ideas of my blog articles. In this case here I got my inspiration from Renard´s article.

I really can talk about inspiration and in fact I would like to suggest some of my strategies as they worked out well for me. To be honest, I do not want to suggest you forcing yourself to write. Writing whenever you are inspired, is already a good starting point. But someday we might notice that blogging is so much fun that we would like to write a little bit more just because writing makes us happy but the depleted pool of inspiration does not allow us to do go on. But did you know that inspiration is something very obvious and that it is around us all the time? Here is what I realized over the time…

The following ten tips are meant to tell you, that we are often inspired without even noticing it. The following tips a meant to show you that we can get inspired by our daily activities and events around us.

1. Can you remind when you had a nice photo and showed it your friends? What did you tell them about the photo? Most photos are snapshots of very interesting moments and those photos can often tell a story. This is why you can do that too. Publish a photo and attach a story about the moment you have taken the image, as if you would tell a friend anything about the photo. This technique always inspired me to write anything and it will inspire you too. You mobile phone cam is enough to get started!

2. Do you write in forums or do you comment on articles of news magazines or blogs? Did a topic ever hit you so much that you started to comment and noticed that you created a true text wall? This is the proof that you can tell a lot about the same subject too. Forget to send your comment on the article or forum page and start to write about the same subject on your blog. You can still mention which article inspired you to touch the same subject and you could even link back to the source.

3. Do you read news, stories, guides or any other articles in the internet regularly? Did you learn anything and does the topic fit to your blog? Start to write about the topic as well. Also here you can still place a link to the source or mention who inspired you.

4. Have you ever had the feeling that something must come out of your head? Can you remind situations when you felt sad, angry or totally happy? Next time this happens, ask yourself why you have such feelings and convert the feelings into a text. This can be still done with anonymity. Just write roughly about you feelings. Many happenings can be a true fountain of inspiration and can result in an in-depth article about a cool, funny, bad or even sad subject.

5. Do you know something that other people maybe don´t know about? Write about it because they might find it. Do you have a question which never became answered? Ask it! Articles with answers and questions can lead to great conversations and they even can open a new box of inspiration.

6. You meet your friends and the family very often. Then you always tell your friends and the family about the latest happenings and you can do that on your blog too even anonymous if you like. You don´t even have to publish full details. There happen things all the day and you talk about it with different people. Maybe some of the topics are worth to write about? You don´t have to call names, you simply can start writing about a topic related to your latest experience.

7. If you go outside with friends, family or if you walk alone through your region, then listen to the nature watch the things around you. Sometimes if we take a break from all the internet kerfuffle, inspiration charges up for no reason. Many things happen outside and you can later write about them if you arrived inside.

8. You maybe listen to music, you read the newspaper, you play a game or you watch TV or a movie. I think it happens quite often that we become thoughtful because of a topic we saw or heard about. Even music can make us thoughtful. If you can think about it, then you can also write about it.

9. Are you proud of anything? Why not write about it? People love to see what kind of talents others have. It does not even have to be one of your talents. Maybe you are proud about your pets or about your actions. The internet is full of people with the same interests. Even a sticker collector can find like-minded people. You can write about your activities and it might be that someone says it is interesting.

10. Read about the latest blogger challenges! The WordPress Daily Post offers for example weekly photo challenges if you like to take and publish photos on your blog, there you will get inspiration. They also have a nice weekly writing challenge. Also there are many more blog events with very inspiring topics and you can participate to any kind of the dozen blogging challenges!

Believe me if I say that ideas for new articles can be all around us. We sometimes simply don´t notice it. I think we don´t really need to hunt for inspiration. We just need to notice how often we can talk and how often we do think about a lot of stuff. There is already inspiration everywhere. Our heads are full of material that waits to get used. If we love to share and write on our blogs, then we can take advantage of it. And blogging can get pretty easy if you make use of the available daily inspiration. Remember Renard´s light bulb and the flowing electricity! 🙂

I just wanted to write about my own strategies and how and where I get new ideas for my blog. For some it might be very basic and obvious stuff but I hope it will help those who didn´t know how to get inspired more often. Sometimes it is enough to recall the day. It does work very well with a general blog but some of the points will also work with a niche blog. I hope this article can help some bloggers to find the inspiration, which is actually already everywhere around us. All others might write about their inspirational sources in the comment section? Maybe you can tell me how you get inspired? Something obvious I missed?

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    1. Oh! I am sorry. I will change that in my article. In germany there is a female name called “Renate”. I guess this is why I did blend it. I am sorry. 😀

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