Blogging Idea: Blog Posts From The Past

While I corrected the English of some of my older blog posts, I got the idea that it would be fun to highlight some of the stories again from time to time. The blogging reality is that we share a lot of funny or entertaining stories, but most of the blog posts sink into insignificance once they are not visible on the front page anymore. If I go through my older blog posts, I am often entertained for two reasons, I am sometimes surprised that I actually wrote about a certain topic because I forget it after a while, and … Continue reading Blogging Idea: Blog Posts From The Past

Don´t Bite The Finger, You Little Hasty Furball…

This is my favorite photo of the last weeks. I did feed Shyna but sometimes she is a little bit hasty. The photo looks as if she would bite into my finger but this was not her intention. I had her favorite treats in my hand and she couldn´t await to get them. No, it didn´t hurt. She is hasty but not brutal. 🙂 I took the photo at that time last week when I also shot the photo for the Inside Photo Challenge. The photo there should explain the situation a little bit better. Then we shot also this … Continue reading Don´t Bite The Finger, You Little Hasty Furball…

Probably Not A Maniac Phase

Almost everything can inspire me now, that´s what I noticed lately. What I mean, the more I write, the more inspired I get. I discover a lot of writing ideas lately. Is this a side-effect of long time blogging? Have you noticed the same? I mean blogging is really interesting and I still have a lot of energy to go on and I am not planning to stop but sometimes I am shocked where all the ideas come from. It´s like waking up with new ideas! When does this stop? Am I arrived in a maniac phase? I guess not,… … Continue reading Probably Not A Maniac Phase

A Domain Name for my Blog :)

Today I purchased a domain name in the store. I remember back when I started my first blogpost here and didn´t even know why I did. Looks like I just wanted to have a place where I can write down some future thoughts and it seems that I wanted to use the blog also to improve my english because I am german. But when I look back to the past months, it seems that I did write more then initially planed. I discovered not only blogging as a new interesting activity, I discovered photography as a new hobby and … Continue reading A Domain Name for my Blog 🙂