Shopping does not only make Women’s feel good!

Since I had some Savings from last Months, I decided to went out for shopping. Main Idea was to get some new Clothes and I defenetly wanted to buy more then one Product. It feels so great to have financial Scope and it makes you think “Put Money aside is boring and takes Time but it will reward you when the Day has come, to make a shopping Tour”. Some People indeed find it not easy to have Savings at their Home, while they always find new Ideas where they spend it but fortunately I can be somewhat radical and focus on just one Idea and it´s my Idea, not any Idea I got from these Commercials you see everywhere. No, I am kinda Commercials resistant as I know they just want to inspire me. But if I know what I want, why to hell should I take care about any Commercials? That´s my Philosophy of Shopping and this is indeed working very well.

So with the mentioned Philosophy above, shopping can be a Hell of Fun. You decided already some Months ago what you want, and not any Company. You won´t accept any compromise, while you put Money aside. Things are already very well considered and decided. They can show you the most beautifully Commercials. You are still radical and resistant. As you have your own Idea, your own Wants, your own Master Plan. And if the Savings are enough, you will attack and buy more then just one Product. You will go out to check out what kind of Clothes you want and to mention again not inspired by any Commercials. Rather inspired by the Fact that you will find out what you like and inspired by the Fact that you now know that you can afford it. That´s what I love.

In my Case I opened the Piggybank today and got this feeling of “Good, this bunch of Money will allow me to buy Tons of Clothes”. To be honest,… There was no more time to waste. All my Pants looked already washed-out, all my Shirts seemed to lose Colour and so on. It is summer and I wanted a fresh new Look. I simply didn´t feel confy with my old Stuff anymore.

Arrived in the City, I noticed a Shop with some very cool Pants and Shirts. I think I did try a lot of them on. It took me an Hour, maybe two in the Shop to decide that I´ll take most of them because a lot of them were reduced already anyway. Early Summer Sales? Huh? However.. that made it even more funny. I got really an Shopping Impulse anyhow but it was carefully planed and saved Money so that I had a very great Feeling with going on to grab all the Stuff.

While paying, the Beautiful Salesgirl said “Damn, are you crazy about collared short-sleeved shirts?” and I said with a smile “Yea, I love them pretty much in all Colours and Patterns!” and she answered “Shopping does not only make Women’s feel good!” while I answered “Indeed, but it might be that we Males are more determined, and find Things faster when doing so”. She said “Might be true!” and laughed. You know these Jokes about Womens in your Country as well? That Females need 5 or more Hours in the City to decide which Pair of Shoes they want? 🙂 When I remember back to some Ex-Girlfriends, I can tell you it is at least in Germany pretty true. 🙂

But today with one Hour in the Shop, I was probably not much better. It was fun and the feeling of rewaring my self for saving Money was good. I think it is more fun to decide that you take two Pants and 6 Shirt´s instead of just buying a few in a Month. And because of the Price Drops, I found myself going out of the Shop with having round about 50% of my Savings still left which I will put back to the Piggybank to buy new Computer Hardware eventually in Autumn when I saved Money to do so. It´s cool. I prefer this kind of determined and planed shopping to shopping without even knowing what you want to buy.

Arrived at Home I dressed some of the new Clothes and became very happy. Do I sound conceited when I say that I felt somewhat “sexy” with the new Clothes? Ok maybe exaggerated but I defenetly thought “The new Clothes are so Neat!” in front of the Mirror. I went out again to go shopping for Groceries and felt vindicated when a stranger Girl donated me a smile and a “Howdy!”. 🙂

To be true… That was the Goal. I believe that if you are unhappy with your Style, then other People (in my Case Girls) will notice your dissatisfaction too and your dissatisfaction will make you become unappealing to them, not the Clothes. And I do not talk about self-awareness. I think I am a very self-assured Person. I just did mean dissatisfaction with some Things in your Life, which can cause making you unappealing to others. And that could be Clothes you dont like anymore too. I am not a Fashionista but sometimes I really start to hate Clothes I bought in the Past and with new Clothes it can be a new good Feeling. I feel fresh, modern and stylish now. Mission successful.

For those who did not find this Blogpost boring and asking what exactly I did change in my outfit now when I anyway loved Shirt´s before and still today… I started to feel like a grey Mouse because all Shirt´s I had were more in darker Color Shades while my Jeans Pants were often dark as well. Today I think this was a Lapse of Taste in the past.
Sure, I bought again Jeans Pants and collared Shirt´s like in the past but I wanted a brighter Style now and I did pay much more attention if and how Jeans and Shirt´s fit together. One new Outfit is for example a modern blue Jeans with a slightly faded to Grey (aged?) look. The Jeans is somewhat tight, I like that. While I decided that I wanted some bright collared Shirts as opposite to the middle dark blue Jeans. I took a very form-fitting white collared short-sleeved Shirt and both together are fitting exactly together.
They could defenetly sell it together as a Set. Awesome Clothes. Anyway I took some more stuff as I mentioned. So that I can play with the Colours. Overall it looks mature but modern. In my Opinion very graceful. Not so cobbled together like previously.

And this is the Point. When I bought one Part each Month, Clothes seemed cobbled together. Having some Savings and buy a lot more on the same Date, is at least for me much more effective. Things then look great together. But maybe it´s just how I like to go shopping. How do you handle it?

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