Microsoft Point System Disestablished Soon

I am usually not that guy who writes much about consoles like Play Station or Xbox but I found an interesting news and it´s worth to mention. As a gamer you might know that a lot of companies and online game stores have something like a point system. That means that they don´t show you your local real currency but instead some of them convert your deposit to points. And many people are aware of the fact that this has only one reason…. confusing you and make you pay more than you usually would do. Yes, I have the balls … Continue reading Microsoft Point System Disestablished Soon

Turkish tasty Bulgur Salad

There is a turkish fruit shop and bakery not far away from my appartement. I go shopping there since over five years or maybe more. The prices for fruits and vegetables and other things are pretty reasonable there. More favorable and tasty than in any other shop I know. It´s my favorite shop for such things. It´s a family-run shop. A man with his woman and son. I’m on very good terms with them and always if I go there we have some nice talking. I like that so much and it is such a difference to many other shops. … Continue reading Turkish tasty Bulgur Salad

You need to close your shop on Sunday!

I pretty much hate bureaucracy and outdated rules. Today I went to my turkish fruit dealer or call it a kiosk as they sell much more then fruits and vegetables. I know these people since some time now and they are very friendly. One of the owners asked me to sign on a paper and I asked what it is about. She told me that they were visitied by a person from the city administration and got a warning. I dont know much about our german business laws and rules but as far as I do understand what the shop … Continue reading You need to close your shop on Sunday!