Microsoft Point System Disestablished Soon

I am usually not that guy who writes much about consoles like Play Station or Xbox but I found an interesting news and it´s worth to mention. As a gamer you might know that a lot of companies and online game stores have something like a point system. That means that they don´t show you your local real currency but instead some of them convert your deposit to points. And many people are aware of the fact that this has only one reason…. confusing you and make you pay more than you usually would do. Yes, I have the balls to say this is modern rip-off and I am not the only one who thinks so. Microsoft had that system in their game store as well.

But then I stumbled over the news from That Video Game Blog. It seems that Microsoft has finished with this concept. It will be possible again soon to buy games on Xbox One and Xbox 360 in your local currency. They will stop to use this point system. This is fair and this is the reason why I mention it here. You will be able to shop in your local currency starting on March 1. If you still have points, they will be converted to you local currency. As said, this is in my opinion a good news and a clever move by Microsoft as the point system always looked like a client-unfriendly rip-off system.

What do you think? Do you like this news?

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