A New Golf Sport Computer Game

First thing to say, I was a huge fan of EA´s Tiger Woods game series in the past. But when I say “past” then I really do mean past as there was nothing else then disimprovement in the latest games of the series and then they developed this stupid Facebook golf game and the Tiger Woods Online game with the pay to win concept. This was for me the end for the series. I´m not interested anymore to buy any Golf game from EA. But now here comes a good news for all the golf sport game fans.

Have you heard about The Golf Club? Don´t worry, it´s not developed by EA. It´s in development by HB Games. Even the fact that it won´t be a game by EA makes it smell like a chance that we will get a better Golf computer game soon. Are there any facts about this statement? No, there is not so much known yet but it sounds interesting and as said maybe it is the chance that we get a better Golf game now n our system.

HB Studios confirmed yesterday that The Golf Club will be released on Steam. For the PC gamers, I should mention that it is sadly a cross-platform game, yes. Even if there are many bad cross-platform games, that shouldn´t mean that it will be the case here too. The game will be released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The game will include something like a course creator and procedurally generated courses and you can mess around with them. Sounds funny. That means you can build courses and you can even organize tournaments. It will also be possible to share your creations with other people if I understand it right.

Executive producer Peter Garcin talked with Polygon and said “The game is coming to Steam,” and “The response we’ve had to the game has been enormous, and we’re planning on doing an Early Access as well”.

Early Access, I think I would be interested to check the game out early. It seems that there is no exact release date mentioned at the moment. I think we will need to wait for this news but they mention on their website that the game will be released around spring 2014. I checked out some of the screenshots on the side and I must say it looks cool. I want early access!

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