Threema Is Going Viral In Germany After The WhatsApp Buyout By Facebook

I mentioned it already in an earlier article but I couldn´t talk about fact apart from the perceived shift in my circles. I said that many people bought the Threema app to replace the by Facebook acquired messenger WhatsApp. The Swiss startup Threema promises that it´s messenger app offers real end-to-end encryption and therefore real security and privacy. Many see this app as a hot if not best alternative to WhatsApp. The app became popular over night here in Germany as said, since so many people in my circles said “Do you already have Threema installed on your phone?”. But … Continue reading Threema Is Going Viral In Germany After The WhatsApp Buyout By Facebook

A New Golf Sport Computer Game

First thing to say, I was a huge fan of EA´s Tiger Woods game series in the past. But when I say “past” then I really do mean past as there was nothing else then disimprovement in the latest games of the series and then they developed this stupid Facebook golf game and the Tiger Woods Online game with the pay to win concept. This was for me the end for the series. I´m not interested anymore to buy any Golf game from EA. But now here comes a good news for all the golf sport game fans. Have you … Continue reading A New Golf Sport Computer Game

Daily Prompt: P.C.

The Daily Prompt asked: “Is political correctness a useful concept, or does it stifle honest discussion?” and I must say that the answer is for me clear. Political Correctness (which is by the way a huge problem in Germany at the moment) does stifle honest discussion and it does also suppress opinions. Political correctness always reminds me to a dictatorship. Yes I do say it clear here. I truly see similarities. Political correctness is if a ruling party in your country is telling you every time if you do think different, your are bad. This is happening through the ruling … Continue reading Daily Prompt: P.C.