Daily Prompt: P.C.

The Daily Prompt asked: “Is political correctness a useful concept, or does it stifle honest discussion?” and I must say that the answer is for me clear. Political Correctness (which is by the way a huge problem in Germany at the moment) does stifle honest discussion and it does also suppress opinions.

Political correctness always reminds me to a dictatorship. Yes I do say it clear here. I truly see similarities. Political correctness is if a ruling party in your country is telling you every time if you do think different, your are bad. This is happening through the ruling parties, the media channels and through famous people. In Germany this happens often and if you have another opinion, there is the risk that they call you nationalist. People here in Germany are actually sick of it. The main problem is that people feel like patriotic ideas are forbidden. The topic immigration is for example a fine line in germany, maybe due to our history. Even if you just think that immigration should be bound to some requirements, it might be that only this opinion will give you the risk to be called nationalist.

Political correctness is a different form of dictatorship. They tell you that you live in a democracy but at the same time they force you to not have an own opinion. It´s the mild form of dictatorship. Because, if somebody is forcing you to only think a particular way, it´s like a dictate and it´s like “Think so or you are political incorrect!”.

Lately there is a very heavy doctrine in Germany. Think so, or you are evil! As said, they teach you how you have to think through every media channels and often with an undertone that this is the only right opinion. Not only if you talk about immigration, because same goes for many other topics. If you say that you would prefer a national currency like the old “Deutsche Mark” over the Euro currency, you take the risk being called a nationalist.

Fortunately this does not work anymore as people get smarter through media like the internet. People start to learn, people start to build their own opinions and Television becomes less important these days. People seek for independent information and for freedom of speech. New parties establish to get the people into the boat. One of the very fast growing parties for example is the “Alternative für Deutschland” which is basically a front against the Euro Currency. Pretty conservative and more grounded to the opinions of citizens. Indeed, a danger for the established german parties and this is why the established parties do try to connect the “Alternative für Deutschland” with nationalism. Those insinuations are the weapons.

Preferring the Euro Currency is political correct and everything else is evil. That is the message. Established media channels like Television and News Paper are the cat paw to spread this opinion. Be political correct and accept the Euro Currency or you will be called nationalist.

I for my self don´t give a shit about being called what ever. One thing is sure. I am born 1981 which means I have seen both currencies the Deutsche Mark and the Euro. Seeing my environment, I must admit that people had a better life with the Deutsche Mark. This is one experience many people had and it does fortunately open the potential for new parties like the “Alternative für Deutschland”. September will show what we make out of this potential. I never understood how somebody can call you a nationalist only because you prefer a national currency. Nationalism is being used as the killer argument and nothing more. It is used to give you fear and to show you the direction you have to think. It is showing you what the meaning of political correctness is.

That´s my opinion. Political correctness is poison for the democracy. Political correctness is something you will feel everyday if you live in Germany. But people change and things change and not even the established parties will stop it. There must be a discussion allowed about currencies. If not, then we can´t speak of a democracy. Preferring a german currency has nothing to do with Adolf Hitler. Same goes for the immigration topic or the latest discussion about the USA and Edward Snowden. It must be allowed to discuss these things. I refuse to accept a forced opinion.

I speak what I think must be told. I have a right for my own opinion. And I won´t stop to express my opinion simply because other people would like it. I refuse to accept political correctness. Fortunately more and more people do see it the same here. German September 2013 elections will show if people accept political correctness. The new party “Alternative für Deutschland” is what they call political incorrect due to the fact that they think more conservative. If they come over the 5% hurdle in Sempember, then it is a message that some people won´t accept political correctness.

I am not a nationalist. I am a german conservative patriot who loves anybody nevermind where they are from. Someone who accepts any opinion. A german blogger who learned some english and who has met many international people. Someone who never would say anything about the descent of people or about the religion of people. I am not so different to anybody else. I simply prefer to put my own house in order first. After this I can still help elsewhere. This is normal in any country but not in germany. As said, because of our history. Germans sometimes seems to be mentally disturbed as they compare almost everything with the bad history our country has.

But people use the history as killer argument to put you in line and to force you to think like they do. And I do think suppressing opinions with this kind of political correctness is just similar scary and reminds me to the german history much more. It´s the mild form of dictatorship.

I prefer the old German currency over the new Euro currency and if already this opinion gives me the risk to be called nationalist, then it is like it is. But it won´t change my opinion. It´s my head, it´s my experience, my feelings, my opinion and it´s my right to express it. And I always will do so.

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: P.C.

  1. That’s probably why German history texts barely mention the massacres of Adolph Hitler. It’s just excessive political correctness. Not national shame.

    1. It´s mentioned everywhere in the historiy books. But I never understood what it has to do with a currency. How can somebody call someone a nationalist or racist just because he is prefering a particular currency like the Deutsche Mark over the Euro Currency? Isn´t this stupid?

      It´s used to tell people “Shut up! We germans must give authority to the European Parliament and if you don´t agree, then you are a nationalist!”. This is political correctness in germany. Agree or be called nationalist. Discussions about such thing not possible. Even professors who are the opinion that the euro is not good, and who can bring some good points, are put in the nationalism corner in television.

      Is the USA or any other country nationalistic just because they have their own currency? I don´t think so.

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