St. Jakobi Church in Lübeck

As I mentioned often, we have quite a lot of churches in Lübeck, and other old architecture. As I mentioned too, I am not very religious, but I am still interested in architecture, especially old structures including churches. The church in the photo is called St. Jakobi church and was built in the year 1334. The church has the title “church of the seafarers” since the medieval. Many churches of Lübeck were totally destroyed during the second world war, and most of them had to be reconstructed or repaired afterward, but the St. Jakobi church was not damaged during the … Continue reading St. Jakobi Church in Lübeck

First The Bad Change, Then The Good Change

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is about change. When I think about changes, a lot would come to my mind, but then I found a photo in my folders that I shot last year, it’s a photo about two big changes, the divided Germany, and also the German reunification. I will show you remaining pieces of the wall that divided East and West Germany. I shot the photo somewhere between the federal states Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, not far away from our city Lübeck that was on west side of the border, but pretty close to it. As our city was … Continue reading First The Bad Change, Then The Good Change

Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

The recent Weekly Photo Challenge motto is called Intricate. This will probably make people post some crazy cool photos. It took me some time to find out what I could post, but then I reminded that I visited the St. Mary’s Church in Lübeck a week ago. Some of you know that I am not very religious, but I am very interested in the architecture of churches and I knew that I would find some interesting stuff if I would visit one of our churches in Lübeck. I also wanted to know how well my camera does take pictures handhold … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

For the Monument Photo Challenge, I thought there would be no better subject in Lübeck than the Holstentor which is called Holsten Gate in english. I uploaded already a photo of the Holstentor some time ago for the photo challenge with the motto grand. But the gate fits yet again to the new challenge. I could now write a huge story about the Holstentor that is a very old architecture but the article on Wikipedia is very nice and explains it all, in case you are interested in history of Lübeck or history of the Holsten Gate. It was quite … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Late but… Microsoft MS-DOS Is Now Open Source

I really have nice memories when I think about MS-DOS. Not that it is the first operating system I saw but it is an operating system that did escort me through my teenage. I remember when I sold my Amiga computer to get a PC. And at that time I had to learn about MS-DOS and I remind that I later installed the Norton Commander and this tool gave me a much better usability, while managing folders, installations and so on. However, I had to learn MS-DOS commands before and I did so. MS-DOS stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System … Continue reading Late but… Microsoft MS-DOS Is Now Open Source

A Beautiful Street in Lübeck and a Church

I walked through the historic downtown of Lübeck, like I mentioned yesterday. As Lübeck is a town of the medieval time and as Lübeck was the Queen of the Hanseatic League, you can still see the charm of that time in the architecture today. That´s why we call the old part of the city “Historic Downtown” or in german “Altstadt” here. On the photo above you can see a street called “Weberstraße” and in the background you see the church called “St. Aegidien Kirche”. The inner city of Lübeck has a lot of big churches from old times. There are … Continue reading A Beautiful Street in Lübeck and a Church