Daily Prompt: P.C.

The Daily Prompt asked: “Is political correctness a useful concept, or does it stifle honest discussion?” and I must say that the answer is for me clear. Political Correctness (which is by the way a huge problem in Germany at the moment) does stifle honest discussion and it does also suppress opinions. Political correctness always reminds me to a dictatorship. Yes I do say it clear here. I truly see similarities. Political correctness is if a ruling party in your country is telling you every time if you do think different, your are bad. This is happening through the ruling … Continue reading Daily Prompt: P.C.

The four-masted Barque called Passat

This is the four-masted barque called Passat which is anchored in Travemünde on the Baltic Sea near Lübeck. And I would really like to know what you think about the image. I wrote already about the Passat some time ago and participated in the “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big” with the blogpost. But here is a new photo of the Passat, which I shot yesterday… I shot the photo with the camera of my smart phone which is a Sony Xperia P. I am pretty happy with the photo quality of the Sony Xperia P. I mean it´s a smart phone … Continue reading The four-masted Barque called Passat

Daily Prompt: Polite Company

The Daily Post asks: “It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know. Agree or disagree?”. And I do agree. I am politics interested but don’t care much about any religion. I accept that people believe in what they believe. So let me first say, you wouldn´t see me talking much about religion with anybody anyway. I let people believe what they believe while I don’t stop inform myself about the latest news of natural sciences. That´s what I do believe in. I think a conversation would be pointless here because both beliefs … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Polite Company

Architecture in Lübeck near the Market and Town Hall

That is a photo I made in my hometown, the historic city of Lübeck. You can see typical german brick architecture in the photo. It´s near the town hall and market of Lübeck. There is often plenty of life and not only because it is the market but also because there are many shopping streets around the market. Also you can see behind the architecture on my taken photo that there is a pedestrian zone which is often busy. On the architecture you can see the emblems of the city Lübeck. What you see in the photo is the architectural … Continue reading Architecture in Lübeck near the Market and Town Hall

About Till Eulenspiegel and Photos from Mölln

As promised in my latest Blogpost “In search of Till Eulenspiegel in Mölln…” I do show you Photos about Till Eulenspiegel now and write about this Topic. Till Eulenspiegel and the possible Author… Till Eulenspiegel (Low German spelling: Dyl Ulenspiegel) was a Trickster, a Character and eponymous Hero in a Middle German Book of Folk Tales. The Book “Ein kurtzweilig Lesen von Dyl Ulenspiegel, geboren uß dem Land zu Brunßwick, wie er sein leben volbracht hat” has been published anonymously. The oldest Version of the Book is dated 1510-12. There were differend great Efforts to identify the Writer of the … Continue reading About Till Eulenspiegel and Photos from Mölln

Otto von Bismarck Memorial in Lübeck near the Train Station

This is a Memorial of Otto von Bismarck (Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck-Schönhausen) who was a prussian Prime Minister from 1862 to 1890 and at the same Time from 1867 to 1871 the Federal Chancellor of the North German Confederation (Nordeutscher Bund). Later he became Reichs Chancellor of the German Empire (Deutsches Reich) in the Time from 1871 to 1890. I guess a lot of People know him but there are more Detailed Infos about him on Wikipedia if you are interested in History and if you want to read a lot of Details. This is one of many Bismarck … Continue reading Otto von Bismarck Memorial in Lübeck near the Train Station