The four-masted Barque called Passat

This is the four-masted barque called Passat which is anchored in Travemünde on the Baltic Sea near Lübeck. And I would really like to know what you think about the image. I wrote already about the Passat some time ago and participated in the “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big” with the blogpost. But here is a new photo of the Passat, which I shot yesterday


I shot the photo with the camera of my smart phone which is a Sony Xperia P. I am pretty happy with the photo quality of the Sony Xperia P. I mean it´s a smart phone camera! Imagine where we are at. Technology get´s tiny and you can take your camera in your pockets and the quality of the photos is not even poor.

But I anyway edited the photo a little bit with Photoshop. First I did apply a lens correction filter. I decreased the vignette amount so that the borders get darker and that the ship is much more in the focus. I then adjusted the color balance because I wanted the image to appear more warm. I decided for more red on midtones, highlights and shadows. And depending on the image, I really often love to increase the contrast, because that makes dark colors appear more punchy. I did it on the image above too. What do you think about the photo?


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