Musing About This And That – Part 2

Today I visited grandma and grandpa and we enjoyed “Kaffee und Kuchen” as we say in Germany, and that means enjoying coffee and cake. But it’s not to be taken literally, because I don’t like coffee and I always drink something else. I ate a “Bienenstich”, that’s a bee sting cake and very delicious. I believe “Kaffe und Kuchen” time is very similar to the british tea time, it’s more about coming together to chat. We talked about our family history today, and grandpa told me that one of his nephew lives in Peru since a long time already because … Continue reading Musing About This And That – Part 2

The Birthday of Grandpa, Chat About old Times and the Photo Albums

Today is grandpa’s birthday and the family came together to celebrate him. It is already some kind of tradition to talk about family birthdays on my blog, although I missed to write about some when I was too busy, but I usually try to do a recap. Normally I do upload photos of the cakes we did eat and this time we had cakes as well but I thought I do something else now. I show you some photos of grandpa’s and grandma’s old travel photo album. They travelled a lot with ships because grandpa was musician, guitarist and singer … Continue reading The Birthday of Grandpa, Chat About old Times and the Photo Albums

Walking through Lübeck with my Mother…

Today my mother and me decided to wander through the town center of Lübeck. Most shops are usually closed on sunday but today was sunday opening. We visited several shops. But we went deeper and deeper into the city. We also did eat in the city. I wrote already often here on the blog that the historic downtown of Lübeck is very beautiful. On the photo above you can see the Trave River near the downtown of Lübeck. We noticed the first sunbeams in our face and were happy about it. It was still a little bit fresh but the … Continue reading Walking through Lübeck with my Mother…

Daily Prompt: Places

The Daily Post asks “Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?” and I must say it is difficult to answer. One thing is sure. Nature offers a lot of interesting places. And I am lucky that I can discover most of these places today even if it is via internet. Thank´s for all the interesting blogs, photos and stories in the internet. My financial condition would not allow me to travel to all of these interesting places. But there a many possibilities anyway. Born and living in the german federal state called Schleswig Holstein, I am surrounded by the North … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Places

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

This collection of seagull photos is my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details. We took these photos on the baltic coast in Travemünde (North Germany). I do think the photos fit to the photo challenge because they are close-up photos of the seagulls and I do think you can see a lot of details on the photo because the seagulls flown by pretty close. I really dislike self-praise but this time I have to say that the photos are simply awesome. But I do think we should thank the birds 🙂 I also would like to … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details