Daily Prompt: Places

The Daily Post asks “Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?” and I must say it is difficult to answer.

One thing is sure. Nature offers a lot of interesting places. And I am lucky that I can discover most of these places today even if it is via internet. Thank´s for all the interesting blogs, photos and stories in the internet. My financial condition would not allow me to travel to all of these interesting places.

But there a many possibilities anyway. Born and living in the german federal state called Schleswig Holstein, I am surrounded by the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Some citizen of other german federal states call us “Fischköpfe” (plural) or “Fischkopf” (singular) but we would call ourselves “Fischköppe” or “Fischkopp” in low german. Translated this means Fish Head or Fish Heads. Because we eat more fish? No,… because we are surrounded by water as said and it has the meaning like water rats. But my point here is that most of us here are proud of the sea around us and would miss it, if we would leave the place for a too long time. My point is, and let me answer the question now… I love the beach and the sea. I like North Germany pretty much.


So, I live in Lübeck and our city is very close to the Baltic Sea. If you ask me, I never would move away from the Baltic Sea. I really love it here. But I still love other places as well. We often to trips in the summer and I am often amazed how much beautiful places we have in Germany. So apart from beach and mountain… what about forest and rivers? I talked many times about a place called Salem here on my blog. Salem offers both.. some forest and a few rivers around the area. I love it. We often travel to Salem because the place offers so much untouched and beautiful nature.


But I have been outside of Germany several times too and this is why I know how many awesome places we have on earth. You can´t decide what kind of nature is better. You can find beautiful nature everywhere. I sadly never have been out of Europe but as said, I am lucky that I still can enjoy those great photos of beautiful nature if I read all the interesting blogs in the internet. But I do wish anyway that I will travel outside of Europe some day.

Let me go back to the question… “Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?”. It´s hard to answer. I would say living near the water is what I like and what I won´t change anytime soon. I love the fresh sea air here and everything around me. But everything else, what our nature offers is so beautiful too and always a trip worthy! This is why I can´t answer the question. Nature is beautiful, nevermind if you stand on a mountain, if you wander through a forest or if you sit on the beach and so. I want to enjoy just everything of it.

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Places

  1. I can’t answer also, it is hard specially if you love nature so much. I am a big fan of the beach, but I also have a thing with trees and greens 🙂

    1. Agree. You are right. If you love all the nature, then you simply can´t decide. All I can do is saying where I feel home and that is near the water in my case. But I would travel anywhere if I could do it often. 🙂

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