Another Cat Photo

At the top, you see a photo that I shot in March. I found this black and white cat on a lawn near an apartment block. There was a fence between us but I was able to point my lens through it. The cat was actually pretty far away but somehow the image turned out to be quite crisp so that I was able to crop the image heavily and make it look like I wasn’t far away. By the way, I saw the same cat already last year in September. It seems like the cat is always on the … Continue reading Another Cat Photo

Black And White Outdoor Cat

Here is another photo I shot today. I saw this cat in an overgrown garden plot. I pressed the shutter button right away and this was good because a second later it disappeared with an impressive jump into the undergrowth. So, yeah, I was pretty lucky to get this shot. I looked through all the cat photos on my blog to find out if I photographed this particular cat already in the past but it seems I didn’t. Continue reading Black And White Outdoor Cat

Second Encounter

Today I was roaming around in the gardens again. And that’s when I saw a cat that I already might have seen two weeks ago. I am pretty sure the cat in the photo above is the same cat I showed you two weeks ago in this and this post. The cat seems to be very shy and always disappears quickly. The reason why I think it must be the same cat is, that it has the same face or fur pattern. What do you think? Continue reading Second Encounter

After 900 Shots I Can Say This Camera Is Impressive

I have my D7100 since yesterday, but I didn’t really do much with it yesterday apart from trying buttons and reading a little bit in the manual. I only shot my first photos in the automatic mode, I showed two of them here and here. Some hours later it was too dark to take more photos. I know, the D7100 can also be used if it is darker, but without tripod this is probably very difficult, and apart from that I have not the experience yet to do these shots. But I was very curios and excited in the evening, … Continue reading After 900 Shots I Can Say This Camera Is Impressive