Second Encounter

black and white cat on the lawn

Today I was roaming around in the gardens again. And that’s when I saw a cat that I already might have seen two weeks ago. I am pretty sure the cat in the photo above is the same cat I showed you two weeks ago in this and this post. The cat seems to be very shy and always disappears quickly. The reason why I think it must be the same cat is, that it has the same face or fur pattern. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Second Encounter

    1. The white fur spear shape in the face tells it. On the left, the line (or border from white to black fur) goes through the middle of the eye. On the right, it’s at the inner side of the eye.

      It’s interesting when I see the same cats again. I wonder what they might think… like “Huh? Didn’t I see this guy already in the past?”. 😀

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