Another Cat Photo

black and white cat in the gardens

I think it’s cat week here on my blog, that’s at least what you could think after I challenged myself to get more cat photos for my blog. As I mentioned, I was strolling through the garden areas as there is a good chance to find outdoor cats and stray cats. It’s not always possible to find them but there is a good chance I will. The other difficulty is that some of them are anxious or shy. The cat in the photo above was cautious and prefered to avoid me, which means I couldn’t get a nice close-up photo. But the image wasn’t too bad either and I decided to upload it anyway.

6 thoughts on “Another Cat Photo

  1. You certainly have met a lot of cats this week. They are funny creatures, even pet cats. If I see a cat in a garden when I’m out walking I’ll generally say hello to it. Many ignore me or run away but sometimes you get the friendly one that comes up to you, wants a belly rub and plainly does not want you to leave. Polly would be one of the disappearing ones.

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