Another Day, Another Cat

outdoor cat

I walked through the garden areas again today, with the same intention as the previous days. I wanted to find more cats and I wanted to photograph them. I found the cat in the picture above and it let me get pretty close. So, I could get a close-up photo but I am somewhat sad about the distracting plant stem near the left eye. But you can’t always get your photos right or as you want them. But I got a few other photos of this cat. The cat jumped through a hedge, into one of the garden plots. Now it sat behind the gate and I took some more photos.

I thought that’s it, but then two other cats appeared on the plot, they came from the garden shet. I was happy and took photos of them too. I think the garden owner has three cats. They felt safe on this plot, but I am glad that I could take some photos from the outside. I will upload them later. You can find more cat photos on my blog.

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