Beautiful Garden Cat

beautiful garden cat

In my previous posts, I talked about a cat gang with three members. I showed you one of them in this post, and I also showed you the boss of the gang. Well, and now you know the third member because it’s the cat in the picture above. I think I could get a really nice close-up cat portrait and it’s a beautiful looking cat. What do you think?

19 thoughts on “Beautiful Garden Cat

    1. Yes, I thought the same. I think they’re well-fed there. I am pretty sure they hunt small animals there like mice, as this is a quite big area with bushes and hedges and lots of possibilities for the cats to find things. Also, the owners feed them and probably also some garden neighbors.

      Yep, I think you can see a little bit of tongue 🙂 Looks cute.

    1. Thanks 🙂 I often have my camera bag with me but not all the time. Not when I am busy with normal things like shopping or so… but if I go hiking through the districts, outside of the city or somewhere else, I definitely have my camera with me. So, when I want to go outside for a walk, I most likely have the camera with me.

        1. This was shot with a Nikon D7100 DSLR camera and a 70-300mm lens. I barely take photos with a phone. I think they all just shoot JPG and not RAW. That’s bad. I can’t attach lenses, thus wouldn’t get these close-up photos. My 70-300mm lens alone is great to get decent close-ups… also, phones are super slow and not nearly as fast as DSLR cameras. I can use my DSLR like a machine gun, getting hundreds of photos in seconds (for example with flying birds) and the images would be still crisp. Exposure is a problem too with phone cameras. Also, I need to be able to adjust shooter speed, aperture and ISO on the fly, and not by going through menus.

          I think phones are fine when you are very close to the subject, like with flowers for example but they wouldn’t be able to compete with a cheapo DSLR macro lens. Phones are fine during daylight. But I still would rather grab my DSLR. The only thing I really like about phone cameras is the fact that they are wide-angle and that you don’t have to worry so much about minimum focus distance (which you need to do in case of a DSLR and most lenses except some of the macro lenses maybe).

          So, nope… I think DSLR cameras and phones are still worlds apart… I’d take my DSLR over the phone at any time. But for quick snapshots of close-up things or wide-angle snapshots in the city, phones are just fine.

        2. Sensors most likely will, and mirrorless cameras have proven that it’s possible to get high-quality photos without a mirror and shutter. But I think glass will be the physical limit. Unless we get the possibility to attach different lenses to our smartphones, I can’t see how they will ever be able to compete with DSLR’s or DSLM’s. But then, what would be the point to attach a lens to a smartphone (imagine putting something like a 150-600mm on a smartphone lol), you’d probably purchase a camera again if you need more flexibility with glass, and they will advance over time too…. as seen with DSLM’s for example. So, I personally think the smartphone and camera market will stay separated forever. I think advancements in lens technology could change that but I don’t know how that would be physically possible to make specialized lenses (like long focal lengths) as small that they fit into a smartphone. I think that’s the problem.

        3. Yes but ‘forever’ is a long time my friend! Technology of the future is impossible to predict. Perhaps ‘for the forseeable future’ might be about right.
          I actually a DSLR camera. A cannon. Not top of the line but middle tier. To my eternal shame(!) I haven’t really tried to take many photos but I must admit that the photos we have taken are far superior to any phone or compact camera so i agree with 100% on that

        4. That’s true. Forever is a really strong word 😀 But I’d be really surprised if they come up with some kind of tiny telelens with long focal length or other things like tiny real macro lenses as 105mm or 150mm macro. And how they’d do it all in one… there isn’t even an all in one lens for DSLR cameras unless you use clumsy adapters that make your lenses work in other areas. So, as you said, for me it’s pretty unimaginable in the forseeable future. But hey, if I am wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time technology surprised me 🙂

          Take your Canon and go out with it again! Do it a few times and you’re hooked with a new time-consuming hobby 😀 But a good one! Super addicting! Also, it goes really well hand in hand with blogging as you can take your own images for articles. ANd with hiking or roaming around where you live! My D7100 is also just mid-range and not top tier… but it’s way than enough for me. So, I think you could have lots of fun with your Canon! 🙂

        5. The Nikon D7100 has higher specs than the Canon 700D but they’re both APS-C cameras… so, basically the same sensor format. Anyway, the Canon 700D is a great camera. One of my friends is using the exact same camera, while another friend is using the Canon 750D. Spec-wise, a Canon equivalent to the Nikon D7100 would be the Canon EOS 70D I think.

          Yeah, really, give it another chance and take some more photos. Super fun! All the photos that come out of any of these cameras are by far superior to photos shot with a smartphone. Especially if you plan to edit images… a lot more dynamic range, a lot more details, much better images… lots of ways to fix problems without breaking the image, especially if you decide to shoot RAW format (uncompressed and unprocessed) instead of JPG. Will allow you to control how the image will look like before you convert to JPG instead of trusting a processor or chip to decide for you how the image will be compressed or processed. And yeah, so many things you can do with different lenses. Much more specialized.

          But then again… be careful… a few photos shot too much and it could start an addiction 🙂 But a good one 😀

        6. Thank you, Jeremy. It’s just a hobby but I like the whole editing process. And I attempt to show people interesting photos… if it works, I am happy 🙂

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