Relaxed Cat

Ok, I showed you so many other cat photos that I thought it’s time to also mix in a photo of Shyna again. I showed you already a similar photo that I shot the same day but that was edited in black and white. Also, I really can’t delete photos unless they’re really bad or can’t be improved. I sometimes also like to edit some photos differently later on, which is another reason why I never delete photos of the same set or day. I hope you like this photo too, she looks relaxed, doesn’t she? Continue reading Relaxed Cat

Beautiful Tabby Cat

Above is another photo that I shot today. Again, I had a hard time to get close to the cat and I needed to press the shutter button fast. So, I had a bit of luck that I got this photo because this cat disappeared right after I shot the first photo. But I got a second chance later, which is why I have another photo for a future post. I am lucky how the photo turned out even if I had to crop the image heavily. It was a very agile cat and disappeared like a rocket (laugh). But … Continue reading Beautiful Tabby Cat

Gray Cat is Wary

You guessed it. I’ve been in the gardens again today to take more cat photos. Lighting conditions haven’t been great because I went outside late and it was pretty cloudy but I have steady hands and can work with slow shutter speeds. I met some cats but today I didn’t get any close-ups, which means I will have to crop some of the images. I also cropped the image above. I met this cat and it didn’t let me get too close but I somewhat managed it to get an ok photo. It’s probably a bit noisy due to the … Continue reading Gray Cat is Wary

Another Day, Another Cat

I walked through the garden areas again today, with the same intention as the previous days. I wanted to find more cats and I wanted to photograph them. I found the cat in the picture above and it let me get pretty close. So, I could get a close-up photo but I am somewhat sad about the distracting plant stem near the left eye. But you can’t always get your photos right or as you want them. But I got a few other photos of this cat. The cat jumped through a hedge, into one of the garden plots. Now … Continue reading Another Day, Another Cat

Another Cat Photo

I think it’s cat week here on my blog, that’s at least what you could think after I challenged myself to get more cat photos for my blog. As I mentioned, I was strolling through the garden areas as there is a good chance to find outdoor cats and stray cats. It’s not always possible to find them but there is a good chance I will. The other difficulty is that some of them are anxious or shy. The cat in the photo above was cautious and prefered to avoid me, which means I couldn’t get a nice close-up photo. … Continue reading Another Cat Photo